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Web Presence Management: Facebook Rolls Out Professional Services Directories

After extensive testing, Facebook has rolled out a professional services directory as a direct attempt to take traffic away from Google and Yelp. How does this affect your business?

Web Presence Management: The World Wide Web Turns 25

Today, according to the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, 75 percent of Americans go online, and 20 percent use only mobile technology to do so, and that’s doubled since 2013.

Web Presence Management: Online Reviews Matter… Only If You Care

Online reviews left by your customers and others have far more importance to you than you may think.

Web Presence Management: Email and Internet Security

A crash course on email and Internet security basics.

Web Presence Management: Selling Web Design from a Taco Truck

Once again, it’s time to urge you to avoid the dirty tricks and scams some web developers practice routinely.

Web Presence Management: Cheaters Never Prosper

If cheaters don’t prosper, how come spam is so popular as a means to scam people out of their hard-earned dollars?

Web Presence Management: The 8 Biggest Mistakes Collision Repair Shops Make Online

We at Optima Automotive have come across many online missteps by collision repair businesses, mistakes they often don’t even realize they’ve made or are actively making.

Web Presence Management: Google Suggests You Need an Expert Writer

Google insists that you need high-quality and engaging content for your websites. Their suggestion? Hire an expert writer who knows what to write…and how.

Web Presence Management: Do You Have the Power to Connect?

Do you worry every day about your phone’s battery life? The following tips can help squeeze out a few more minutes, maybe an hour or two, and that can make a big difference when you need to connect.

Montana Body Shop Hits It Big on Social Media with Stuffed Dog

Big Sky Collision’s marketing campaign results in increasing Facebook likes from 107 to over 1,000 and makes them a household name in their market area.

Web Presence Management: New Year’s Resolutions

The long-term health, competitiveness and profitability of your business depend on you making some changes – not just any changes, but the right changes.

Web Presence Management: Video Is Where It’s At

If you truly plan on having an effective presence with your website and social media, then video cannot be ignored.