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15-Second TV Spots

PreFab Ads has introduced three new 15-second TV spots for body shops to convey their particular message.

Target Mobile Customers

For businesses with a standard website, MoFuse Local provides a re-direct code that detects when a visitor is on a phone and automatically serves the mobile-friendly site to maximize the collision repair shop’s opportunity for new business.

Custom Websites

Collision Websites quickly creates custom websites for collision repair shops.

Anti-Texting Commercial

PreFab Ads’ “Text Crash” TV/Internet commercial is aimed at increasing the public’s awareness of the hazards of texting while driving.

Expand Your Web Presence

Summit Site Builder helps shops expand their website presence so customers can find what they need when they need it.

New 2012 Sikkens Services Guide

Newly released 2012 Sikkens Services Guide contains descriptions, features, benefits and curriculum for each of the value-added services AkzoNobel provides as part of the Sikkens value proposition.

Outdoor and Radio Ads for Body Shops

PreFab Ads has just introduced pre-made outdoor boards and radio commercials in addition to the 15 auto body TV commercials currently available, according to owner/creative director Chuck Jessen.

30-Second ‘Modern Repair’ TV Spot

Following up on the success of its 15-second TV spot, “Modern Repair,” PreFab Ads is now licensing a 30-second version to auto body shops on an exclusive-by-territory basis. Set to an upbeat gypsy violin tempo, it opens with wacky, vintage footage of cars crashing, then cuts to repairs inside a modern body shop, followed by

TV Spot from PreFab Ads: ‘Modern Repair’

Answering many requests for a 15-second TV spot, PreFab Ads has created “Modern Repair” – now available for licensing by body shops on an exclusive-by-territory basis. It opens with fun, old footage of Model T’s crashing, followed by repair footage at a modern body shop and the client’s logo. View it at or call

New Body Shop TV Spots for 2011

PreFab Ads just completed two new TV commercials for body shops, bringing their total to 14.  In “Short Cut,” a GPS steers a couple on a direct route right off a cliff. In “Young Picasso,” a young boy etches artwork into the family van while his dog looks on. These, and all PreFab Ads TV

Two New TV Spots for Body Shops

PreFab Ads is now in production on two new collision repair TV commercials that will be available to independent shops for exclusive-by-territory licensing later this month. “Short Cut” shows a couple following GPS directions only to be steered off a cliff. “Young Picasso” features a 4-year-old carving drawings with a nail on the family van.

Flat-Out Summer Deals on TV Spots

PreFab Ads is now offering special three-for-two summer pricing on all TV commercials, including its new “Road Kill” commercial where a tough-taking lizard is run over by a tow truck. License two spots, get one free. Available on an exclusive-by-territory basis.  Call (415) 391-5030 for a demo DVD.