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AkzoNobel and McLaren Racing Extend Partnership

McLaren Racing’s 2021 Formula 1 car will again feature AkzoNobel’s high-performance coatings, following an extension to the longstanding partnership which debuted in 2008.

AkzoNobel Once Again Coats the McLaren Formula 1 Car

AkzoNobel announced that it has once again supplied the hi-tech coatings technology for the MCL35, McLaren Racing’s 2020 Formula 1 car.

AkzoNobel Unveils New Coating System for 2019 McLaren Formula 1 Team

For the 2019 season, McLaren and AkzoNobel have worked together to develop new, technologically advanced coatings features designed to specially modify the surface characteristics of the MCL34 race car.

AkzoNobel’s Coatings Technology Revives Mclaren F1 Team’s Racing Heritage

Fans of Formula 1 are revving up with excitement after the McLaren Formula 1 team unveiled its racing livery for the 2018 season, which was created using the latest coatings technology supplied by AkzoNobel.

AkzoNobel Adds Colorful Sparkle to New McLaren-Honda Formula 1 car

The new MCL32 features Tarocco Orange livery – a color developed by AkzoNobel in conjunction with McLaren-Honda.

Teenager Smashes Windshield of McLaren, Then Runs for His Life

The driver of the orange McLaren ran a stop sign and honked at the teenager legally using the crosswalk, who then smashed the car’s windshield with his skateboard.

Owner Crashes New $265,000 McLaren 10 Minutes After It’s Delivered

Neighbors say the owner was celebrating with a bottle of champagne right after the car arrived at his doorstep.