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Rotary Announces New Line of AC Recharging Equipment

Rotary announced the launch of a new line of fully automatic air conditioning diagnostic and recharging equipment through their recently announced partnership with TEXA.

Automotive Repair Shops: Trust is Gold

Trust is gold in the automotive repair business, and once you lose it, you probably can never get it back.

Why Can’t We Get Paid Mechanical Rates for Mechanical Operations?

What can we as technicians do to get paid for mechanical operations included in body operations? We seem to be at the mercy of collision programs influenced by insurance companies.

Scanning and Recalibration: Thinking Beyond the Sheet Metal

Mechanical repairs such as alignments and replacement of suspension parts all may have considerations as to post-repair scans or recalibrations.

Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon Are Most Trusted Late-Night Celebrities for Automotive Service

If you could pick a late-night television celebrity to work on your car, there’s a good chance his first name would be Jimmy.

Snap-on CTR767 3/8″ Drive Cordless Long-Neck Ratchet Delivers Reach and Strength

The new Snap-on CTR767 3/8″ Drive Cordless Long-Neck Ratchet eases jobs that require reach, such as timing belt changes and work near a firewall.

Tech Shortage: Onus on Collision Repairers to Educate Job Seekers About Automotive Career Opportunities

For collision and mechanical repair shops, the days of luring skilled techs with a classified ad might be gone. But shop owners can prime the pump by being proactive and thinking outside the box.

Smaller Snap-on Air Drills Work in Cramped Spaces

The new Snap-on PDR2500 and PDR2501 1/4” Micro Reversible Air Drills are small enough for techs to easily tackle work in cramped engine compartments.

Repairing Suspension and Steering Post-Collision

Severe collisions can often damage suspension and steering components. Knowing how to properly repair these components is critical to returning the car to safe operation.