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5 Tips for Mentoring Auto Body Technicians

These tips will help you establish a successful mentoring program and secure workers before other industries do.

Creating a Farm System of Future Employees

In baseball, a farm system is essential in creating a pipeline of successful players for the major leagues. The same goes for the collision repair industry.

VIDEO: Mentoring Programs, Part 3

What to look for when choosing a mentor for your mentoring program.

VIDEO: Mentoring Programs, Part 2

How to select an effective manager for your mentoring program.

Be the Leader You Once Needed

The fate of the collision industry lives in the generations to come. So what would you have told your younger self?

In Search of a Good Technician

All too often, an owner’s solution to low production is to hire more people. However, if the shop is not properly organized for production, more employees will only add to the confusion and adversely affect your income.

Failure is a Part of Success

When we decide that we are experts, and that we have nothing left to learn, that’s when pride rears its ugly head again and prevents us from achieving our goals.

Auto Body Mentoring Programs: What’s In It for the Mentor?

As teachers, guides and role models, mentors provide powerful building blocks to give mentees a big jumpstart in their career. And there are benefits to being a mentor, too.