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Quantum1 in Convenient Cartridge

Evercoat’s Quantum1 is now available in an 825 ml cartridge. Quantum1 10:1 single-step repair technology is the most advanced dent repair product on the market today. The convenient 825 ml cartridge accurately dispenses the product in the correct 10:1 mix ratio every time and eliminates waste. Available in fast or slow: just pick your speed

Fix Micro-Pinholes in Seconds

Identify and fix micro-pinholes in just 30 seconds with the  440Express Micro-Pinhole Eliminator from Evercoat. It’s designed to be a shop’s insurance policy against micro-pinholes in glazing putty. Use 440Express on every repair – testing has shown that up to 90 percent of rework caused by micro-pinholes will be eliminated. All it takes is 30

Versatile Body Filler

Optimum + Premium Body Filler is formulated for fast work, dries rapidly and is easy to sand. Its creamy texture and good spreading allows easy repair of large areas. It may be applied on steel, electrozinc-coated, galvanized, aluminum or polyester surfaces. It can also be used as a finishing putty – no glazing putty is

Hole Cutter Kit

Blair Rotabroach Cutters are available in a 15-piece kit that’s perfect for every tool box. They make holes three times faster and last 10 times longer than twist drills or hole saws. Designed for materials up to 1/2” thick, these tools are ideal for any type of metal fabrication. Visit or call (810) 635-7111. 

Eliminate Finishing Putty

Formulated with Evercoat’s patent-pending, epoxy-enriched technology, new Quantum1 products eliminate the need for finishing putty. With Quantum 1, you’ll be able to simply fill the dent, sand and go direct to primer! Call your local Evercoat representative.

25% More Abrasives

Farécla says its products contain 25 percent more abrasives per liter than leading international brands, ensuring that less product is required per job and resulting in greater returns for customers. The company has  developed a range of surface finishing products to assist body shops in increasing productivity, improving turnover and providing a complete solution. Most

Adhesion & Sandability

Standox EP Primer Surfacer 3:1 is formatted for easy application and combines the properties of a good filler with those of a high-quality primer while protecting the substrate from corrosion. It dries in the ambient air overnight and features excellent adhesion and good sandability. Standox EP Primer Surfacer 3:1 is the preferred choice of collision

Quality Rust Protection

Transtar’s #4424 Amber Rustproofing, part of its Body-Tec line, matches OEM appearance while providing superior rust protection. Use on replacement panels or new car rustproofing. Its abrasion-resistant coating flows into hard-to-reach seams and restores the repair of existing corrosion protection to original specifications found on the interior of fender and panel replacements.

Versatile Repair Kit

Sonic•Bond Adhesive, Rapid Fill and  Accelerator combined represent a versatile repair kit for most plastics, metals, ceramics and other non-porous materials. Use is limited only by the repairer’s imagination. Visit

Good Finishing Results

Dynatron claims that DynaMaxx is a premium quality filler with awesome working characteristics and killer finishing results at a low price. It’s manufactured with only the finest ingredients and advanced adhesion promoter. According to Dynatron, an internally conducted national blind survey revealed that DynaMaxx is preferred almost two to one over the leading competitor. Dynatron

Durability and Workability

PRO-GLAS Fiberglass Reinforced Filler combines the durability of fiberglass reinforcement with the workability of lightweight filler. Specially formulated and approved for SMC and rigid plastic repairs, it mixes easily and spreads smoothly to provide an even refinish surface. Short-strand fiber reinforcement delivers strength and maximum adhesion. Visit

Repair Metal/Plastic Fast

The Sonic Bond Universal Plastic Repair Kit repairs most plastics, metals, glass, rubber and wood. It’s ideal for structural repairs to interior panel tabs, headlight bezel tabs and more. It can be sanded, filed, drilled, tapped, carved or painted, and it cures in about three seconds. Call (208) 667-4066 or e-mail [email protected].