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Welding 101: What to Know and Where to Begin 

With many welding methods available, which one is right?

MIG Brazing: Basics, Beliefs and Benefits

MIG brazing reduces the heat, which is why more and more automakers are recommending it in their repair procedures.

Welding: Do Welders Have the Proper Wire?

Technicians are unaware that the wire they have in their welders may be entirely wrong. It’s the same wire we’ve used for years, but it’s wrong!

Crunch Time with Jason Stahl Episode 13: MIG Brazing, Presented by Red Kap

This episode features BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl talking about MIG brazing and how many manufacturers are now recommending it in the repair of their vehicles due to the fact that it produces less heat.

MIG Brazing: It’s Here

Are you capable of repairing a vehicle that requires MIG brazing? Whether you like it or not, that’s something you need to ask yourself.

MIG Brazing – Learn it Now

More and more automakers are recommending MIG brazing, as it reduces heat and the chance of weakening steels’ structural integrity.

Technical: The Heat is Dropping

Heat is the enemy to a lot of the different metals in vehicles today, which is why many of them require MIG brazing.

I-CAR Adds New Vehicle Technology & Trends Course

I-CAR has also updated the existing brazing and measuring courses.