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Motor Guard Releases New Sanding Block Display Board

The new DP-5000 display board for PBE jobber stores features 14 of Motor Guard’s most popular sanding blocks.

Motor Guard Introduces AC-6500 Air Control Unit

The AC-6500 removes moisture and particulates from compressed air and provides a finely regulated supply of air for critical applications.

Motor Guard Introduces New Air Preparation System

Motor Guard has introduced the Motor Guard High Tech Air Preparation System (MHT-7000), its most advanced air preparation system for spraybooths and critical refinishing operations.

Motor Guard Introduces Unique Line of Miniature Sanding Blocks

These new blocks are constructed of a specially formulated compound, and their ergonomic shapes allow for fine, fingertip sanding on a wide variety of profiles and body lines.

New Motor Guard M-C100 Filter Removes Oil Vapor from Compressed Air

The new Motor Guard M-C100 Filter removes oil vapor from compressed air and is the ideal final stage in a new or existing air management system to ensure defect-free jobs with today’s premium and waterborne finishes.

Motor Guard Names PBE Sales Manager

Motor Guard announced it has appointed 37-year PBE veteran Bob Rheinhart as sales manager for paint, body and equipment sales.

Motor Guard Introduces Latest Stud Welder Kit

Motor Guard has introduced a brand-new enhancement to its Magna-Spot line of Stud Welders, the JO-1050 Entry-Plus Kit with improved Striker-Tip Draw Pins for strong welds on all steels.

Motor Guard Introduces Plastic Repair System Kit

A new feature of the Magna-Stitcher Plastic Repair System (Model MS-2500) is Motor Guard’s Ironing Tip for smoothing rough areas.

SEMA VIDEO: Motor Guard

Motor Guard demoed its new Magna-Cutter for Aluminum – the first and only cut-off wheel designed specifically to cut aluminum body panels and structural components – at the 2016 SEMA Show.

Motor Guard Introduces First Abrasive Cut-Off Wheel Designed for Aluminum

Motor Guard’s Magna-Cutter abrasive cut-off wheel has been specially formulated to cut aluminum fast, cool and clean with no loading.

Motor Guard Introduces Aluminum Spot Repair Tool

The new Magna-Stripper AL System (Model E-6100S) is a soft, abrasive wheel that has been specially formulated to strip aluminum without heat, distortion or damage.

Quickly Strip Coats with Motor Guard’s Magna-Stripper System

The Magna-Stripper quickly strips clearcoat, basecoat, primer coat or all three without damaging the body panel.