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NHTSA Sets ‘Quiet Car’ Safety Standard to Protect Pedestrians

New requirement of audible alert will help prevent 2,400 pedestrian injuries a year.

Autonomous Cars Will Not Dominate Roadways for Decades, U.S. Regulator Says

The biggest reason, says National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Head Mark Rosekind, is that there are about 250 million cars and trucks that are more than a decade old on average still on the road.

U.S. DOT Issues Federal Guidance to the Automotive Industry for Improving Motor Vehicle Cybersecurity

Guidance covers cybersecurity best practices for all motor vehicles, individuals and organizations manufacturing and designing vehicle systems and software.

U.S. DOT and Safety Partners Highlight Teen Driver Safety Week Events

NHTSA’s 5 to Drive campaign encourages safe driving behaviors in teen drivers, like cell phone use while driving, no extra passengers, no speeding, no alcohol, and no driving or riding without a seat belt.

US DOT, National Safety Council Launch ‘Road to Zero’ Coalition to End Roadway Fatalities

The Department of Transportation has committed $1 million a year for the next three years to provide grants to organizations working on lifesaving programs.

Lawmakers Urge NHTSA to Address Vehicle Hacking

While there have been no reported cases of vehicle hacking, researchers have shown they could take remote control of vehicle functions such as car horns, brakes and power steering.

NHTSA Publishes Proposed Rule on Recall Notification

Rule would require manufacturers to notify consumers of outstanding recalls by electronic means in addition to first-class mail.

NHTSA: Highway Fatalities Rose by 7.2 Percent in 2015

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is attributing the increase in highway deaths to increased driving due to job growth and cheaper gas prices, in addition to increased driving by young people.

NHTSA Says They Won’t Block States from Setting Their Own Rules on Self-Driving Cars

NHTSA head Mark Rosekind said that in order for automakers to reduce 38,000 deaths on roadways each year, they would need to increase the safety of their autonomous cars.

Record Number of Software Complaints, Recalls Threaten Trust in Automotive Technology

So far in 2016, consumers have filed 202 formal complaints with NHTSA pertaining to software that controls the technology prevalent in vehicles.

Self-Driving Car Advocates: Feds Should Be Setting Safety Rules, Not Individual States

The chief architect of Google’s autonomous car program explained during an April 27th forum that state agencies may not have the technological know-how to assess the rapidly evolving technology.

Automakers Urge Insurance Companies to Remind US Drivers of Recalls

The new push, according to Reuters, comes just as a U.S. House panel was held on April 14th on efforts by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to reduce the number of uncompleted vehicle recalls.