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5 Tips to Mastering the Supply Chain

Strategies you can adopt to minimize the effect of delayed parts. 

ABPA Opposes Nebraska Anti-Aftermarket Parts Bill

The bill introduces restrictions on alternative parts when OEM repair procedures are mandated.

KSI Auto Parts Acquires Carolinas Auto Supply House

KSI Auto Parts of South Plainfield, N.J., acquired Carolinas Auto Supply House located in the Charlotte, N.C., metro area.

The Auto Parts Shortage: Causes, Solutions and Future Implications

The parts shortage has affected everyone, from individual car owners to dealerships, independent shops and technicians.

CAR Coalition Applauds Executive Order on Right to Repair

The CAR Coalition believes the EO will enhance competitiveness in the U.S. economy and enhance consumers’ ability to choose where and how they repair their vehicles.

CAR Coalition Launches New Consumer Rights Video

The video outlines the need to protect consumers’ rights in the post-collision automotive repair market.

Brand Integrity and the Value of OEM Parts

The decision to use OEM parts comes down to multiple factors, including price, availability, and value – though their value is often overlooked when it comes to a company’s brand.

Carlisle, MOTOR Release White Paper on OE Parts

The report analyzes a wide scope of factors that contribute to purchasing behaviors, including the perceptions, expectations and preferences of OEM parts.

CARiD Launches OE Brand of Factory-Equivalent Parts

Online retailer CARiD.com announced the launch of its “OE” brands, encompassing what it claims is the widest variety of automotive replacement parts available at one website.

How to Explain the Value of OEM Parts to Your Customers

Teaching your customers that an OEM part is specifically designed and engineered from the manufacturer for their vehicle is the first step in showcasing the value.

New York Bill Would Require Shops to Follow OEM Procedures

A new bill was recently introduced in the New York State Assembly that would require auto body shops to adhere to OEM repair procedures but would let current alternative parts laws that don’t mandate an OE part stand.

New York State considers bill forbiding insurers from specifying non-OEM crash parts on newer vehicles.
MOTOR Information Systems Releases White Paper on Creating OE Parts Demand

MOTOR Information Systems announced the release of a new educational white paper for OEM parts manufacturers and the greater automotive parts industry titled, “How to Generate More Demand for OE Parts.”