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Parts Veteran Creates Ultimateoem.com to Streamline OE Parts Ordering

Ultimateoem.com will allow body shops and mechanical shops to look up OEM parts by VIN number to see which dealers closest to them have those parts in stock.

The Right Part is an OE Part

Luckily, shops are in a great position to boost every aspect of their business by using the best products in the market today: original equipment (OE) parts.

Nevada Legislature Reviewing Aftermarket Parts Bill

The bill would prohibit an insurer from requiring the use of aftermarket parts in the collision repair of a vehicle that is less than 60 months old unless the insurer has written consent from the owner of the motor vehicle.

Wyoming Crash Parts Legislation Stalls in House

Opposed by the Automotive Service Association (ASA) and collision shops in Wyoming, the “crash parts” bill – S.F. 0095 – had been on a fast track after garnering quick approval from the Wyoming Senate.

VIDEO: Understanding Types of Crash Parts, Presented by Honda

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses the many different kinds of crash parts and how you can help your customer understand what they are.

Ford Utilizes MyPriceLink in Effort to Modernize Delivery of OE Parts Pricing

Ford has announced that it will begin using MyPriceLink for original equipment collision parts pricing, a patented technology from OEC that delivers real-time dynamic collision parts list pricing based on timing and local market conditions.

Hidden Costs Behind Low Quality Parts

In the auto parts industry, there is a common misconception among vehicle owners and also some auto body shops regarding the purchase and use of OE (original equipment) versus aftermarket parts.

Rhode Island Bill Restricting Use of Aftermarket Parts Expected to Pass Legislature

Rhode Island is currently considering House Bill 8013 ( RI H8013), which would prohibit the installation of non-OEM parts without the vehicle owner providing expressed written consent.

Infographic: Why and How Shops Decide Between Aftermarket and OEM Parts

Ever wonder what drives a shop’s decision when choosing aftermarket or OEM parts? Find out why shops opt one way or the other!

VIDEO: OE vs. Aftermarket Parts Industry Statistics, Presented by Kia

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses industry statistics from the 2017 BodyShop Business Industry Profile relating to OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts.

VIDEO: OE Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts, Presented by Kia

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses a white paper written by GMB North America titled, “The High Cost of Low Quality Parts,” and how a small increase in part defect rates can lead to a big loss in profits.

Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee Recommends Passage of Bill that Would Restrict Use of Aftermarket Crash Parts

The bill has the support of the top three Democrats in the Rhode Island Senate.