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VIDEO: OE Parts and Collision Avoidance Systems, Presented by Kia

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl talks about why crashrepairinfo.com endorses the use of OEM collision parts when it comes to making sure a vehicle’s collision avoidance systems are operating properly after the repair.

Rhode Island Senate Considers Bill that Would Extend Restriction on Aftermarket Parts to 48 Months After Vehicle Manufacturing Date

The existing state law requires written consent for the use of aftermarket parts on vehicles that are newer than 30 months from their manufacturing date.

VIDEO: OE Parts – There is a Difference, Presented by Kia

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl talks about the advantages crashrepairinfo.com lists for using OE parts, including fit, finish, design, quality, safety and structural integrity, and resale value.

Illinois Bill Would Require Consumers’ Written Consent for Aftermarket Parts in Collision Repair Estimates

The Illinois General Assembly is considering a bill that would require written authorization from consumers for aftermarket crash parts to be included in collision repair estimates.

West Virginia Bill Would Require New OEM Crash Parts on Newer Vehicles

The West Virginia Senate is considering a bill that would forbid body shops and insurance carriers from specifying aftermarket crash parts and recycled OEM parts for three-year-old and newer vehicles.

Hawaii Bill Would Forbid Insurance Carriers from Charging More for OEM Parts

Hawaii state Rep. Roy Takumi has introduced a bill that would prohibit insurance carriers from charging additional fees when OEMs recommend the use of original parts to repair collision-damaged vehicles.

Toyota Wholesale Parts Will Have a Presence at SEMA Show

The company invites attendees to see its new products, meet famous athletes and motorsports legends and enter the TRRP Challenge for a chance to win a new drone.

American Honda Selects CCC as Collision Parts E-Commerce Provider

CCC Information Services (CCC) announced that American Honda Motor Co. has selected the CCC Parts technology as its collision parts e-commerce solution for the company and in support of its dealers in the United States.

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Volvo Trucks Introduces Genuine Painted Parts Program

The Volvo Genuine Painted Parts Program offers customers and dealers the opportunity to order more than three dozen different parts, including hoods and bumpers, for both the Volvo VNL and VNM models.

OEConnection Holdings to Acquire Clifford Thames Group

OEConnection Holdings, the holding company whose portfolio includes OE replacement parts provider OEC, said it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Clifford Thames Group.

Collision Repairers, Insurers Have Differing Views on OEM Parts

The BodyShop Business 2017 Industry Profile survey suggests that many insurers push aftermarket crash parts for repairs.

Ford Collision Parts Truckload Program Marks 20th Anniversary

Ford Customer Service Division’s Collision Parts Truckload Program, which began in 1997 with 40 fascias, is marking its 20th anniversary this year.