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Find Quality PDR Techs

TopTech Finder, an open job marketplace bringing together automotive repairers and paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians, provides an online search engine to connect automotive repairers and qualified PDR technicians.

Hand Cleaner with Pumice Scrubbers

GOJO Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner, a heavy-duty hand cleaner with pumice scrubbers, quickly cleans the heaviest dirt while leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Mobile Live Auction Bidding

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. now offers Apple iOS and Android apps providing buyers the flexibility to bid live in IAA’s auctions using I-bid Live, manage their vehicle watch list, pre-bid on vehicles and get notifications so they get the vehicles they want.

Keep Customers in the Loop

Complement your shop’s personal image by reaching out to your customers wherever they may be using UpdatePromise.com.

CCC ONE Repair Methods

CCC ONE Repair Methods, a fully integrated automotive shop software solution, incorporates repair procedure data from all major OEMs in the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform, eliminating extra steps.

Manage Hazardous Waste

Western States Environmental Services (WSES) is a full-service hazardous waste management company specializing in hazardous waste removal and equipment sales.

Wanted: Body Shop Owners

Make your customer’s collision repair experience as stress-free as possible and add a new profit source. Lancer Insurance Company’s auto rental insurance can provide you with the coverage necessary to start your own rental car operation. Let Lancer help guide you through the details of establishing your own rental fleet today. Call (800) 782-8902 x3027,

30-Second ‘Modern Repair’ TV Spot

Following up on the success of its 15-second TV spot, “Modern Repair,” PreFab Ads is now licensing a 30-second version to auto body shops on an exclusive-by-territory basis. Set to an upbeat gypsy violin tempo, it opens with wacky, vintage footage of cars crashing, then cuts to repairs inside a modern body shop, followed by

Profit Center Potential: Rental Vehicles

Minimize your customers’ inconvenience and keep revenues in-house by renting your own replacement vehicles. Lancer Insurance Company offers auto collision shops a unique revenue source by providing the coverages you need to get into the profitable vehicle rental business.

Write Estimates for Only $50 Per Month

Seeing any change in the recession? For only $50 per month, Crash-writeR will help bail you out by increasing your profits and improving your sell ratio. Crash-writeR provides a robust Collision Estimating System that empowers the non-DRP shop to easily create accurate estimates with its industry standard collision repair database. No contracts required. Free online

Safely Crush and Drain Aerosol Cans

The air-operated Aerosol Can Crusher, model AFC2, punctures, drains and crushes cans, providing an efficient and environmentally safe method for disposing waste and reducing costs. Up to two cans are flattened in a 25- to 60-second cycle, and 95 to 98 percent of the residual liquid is removed. An outlet valve allows for draining and

Potential Profit Center: Vehicle Rentals

Lancer Insurance Company offers auto repair and collision shops a unique revenue source by providing commercial automobile insurance coverages you need to get out of the free replacement vehicle business and into the profitable vehicle rental business. Lancer offers 24/7, 365 days a year claims handling, on-site safety and compliance visits and other valuable loss