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Reproduce OEM Colors

This MSPX Series Xirallic pearl is a powdered pearl concentrate designed to help reproduce 2007 and 2008 OEM vehicle colors. It can be mixed into Accu-Shade Intermix System formulas or by itself. It will add exciting pearl tones to any custom project for just the effect you’re looking for. Visit

Proven European Waterborne Technology

Pro-Spray H2O waterborne system offers  North American shops converting to waterborne a proven, compliant, easy and value-oriented system with excellent color match, coverage and blending, and an extensive color formula database. It also features pearl, aluminum, xirallic and solid shake-and-pour toners that mix.

Easy 4:1 Mix Ratio

MS-30 satisfies your need with an easy 4:1 mix ratio, proven performance and guaranteed results. Maintain productivity, reduce inventory and maximize profitability to succeed in your business.

Perfect Color Matching Every Time

EasiColour using the Metalux2 color system provides a quality color match in three steps. Step one employs the 65,000-color EasiMeasure, a spectrophotometer based on accurate sphere technology that measures particle size even on special effect pearls. EasiMeasure then displays a code linked to one of the 12,000 sprayed paint color swatches in the color deck.

Buff High-Tech Clearcoats

Evercoat’s new Triple Cut Compound is the ideal solution when buffing today’s high-tech clearcoats. Its unique multi-phase abrasive technology provides sand scratch removal, swirl removal and high-gloss finish.

Optically Clear Resin Technology

Intercoat/Blending Clear #2020-1 features   the latest in optically clear resin technology.  This ultra-high solids product may be re-duced from 1:1 up to 1:3 and features a two-coat tape time of only 20 minutes at 75° F. Cost is about $70 per gallon. Call (800) 476-3006.

Extreme Matt Grade

Standocryl 2K Matt Clear 007 shows an extreme matt grade, which can be used alone or mixed with Standox 2K Clears to achieve various degrees of flatness/gloss levels.

Accurate Color Matching

The Prospector color reference system allows for fast, accurate color reference,  including the latest waterborne aftermarket coatings. More than 3,000 solid and metallic colors are arranged in hand-held decks and organized by color family using spectrophotometric and visual methods. Call (800) 798-5872

Scratch-Resistance and Durability

National Rule VOC-compliant, scratch-resistant Permasolid HS Diamond Clear Coat 8450 combines durable vehicle refinish with easy application.  It offers the ability to resist everyday aggression and meets the current needs of car manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler. Hardener (Permasolid VHS Hardener 3240) is added in a mixing ratio of 3:1, followed by one- or two-coat

One Mixing Ratio, One Set of Activators

DuPont ChromaBase “4 to 1” is the only refinish system that shares activators and has one common 4:1 mixing ratio for primers, sealers and clearcoats.

New Website with Product and Tech Data

U.S. Chemical & Plastics has launched, a new website featuring easy access to vital product specifications and technical data. It provides users with extensive information (updated in real time) on all of U.S. Chemical’s major product lines, including USC body repair and Cargroom DIY body repair products, Morton truck bedliners, SPRAYMAX aerosols, Sunmight abrasives

Eliminate Costly Mixing Banks

NO MIX Basecoat System’s unique composition enables hiding in as little as two coats, along with exceptional flake control. It also eliminates the need for costly mixing banks. Users just shake and pour. Call (800) 871-9307.