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Tough Paint Protection

Extensive testing has proven that ArmorCoat Paint Protection Coating can stand up to the toughest race track conditions and protect the paint and decals on race cars. Several NASCAR, IndyCar and SCCA series race teams use ArmorCoat to protect their cars. ArmorCoat significantly reduces the need for expensive paint repairs between races.

Clearcoat Scratch Filler

PROFILL is an automotive-grade clearcoat that eliminates the time and materials needed to polish away clearcoat to hide scratch damage, and also eliminates the need to shoot clearcoat. Filling severely oxidized gelcoat, it forms a base that can be finished to a high gloss with a coat of PRESTO! Gelcoat Rejuvenator. Plus, it won’t damage

High-Heat/Humidity Clearcoat

Universal Clear is a true polyurethane HS clear that’s water-like in color, hard to run, buffs great even months later and loves high heat and high humi-dity. Spray two coats then turn the booth fan off as soon asthe overspray is gone. Call (800) 476-3006.

User-Friendly Color System

The Metalux2 Colour System is user-friendly and offers paint shop management tools to help create a perfectly controlled and managed paint shop environment. Colors are easy to blend and apply. It offers outstanding coverage and flow, and can dry in five minutes. ChemSpec’s new VOC-compliant product, with a two-minute drying time, and the upgraded swatch

Powder Coating Profit

Make more than $20,000 per month powder coating with the Powder-X system. Powder coating is easy and much more profitable than liquid painting – with no solvents, VOC emissions or HAPS problems. And Powder-X offers all of the equipment, training, and supplies. Call (888) 326-4840.