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Precisely Match Color

The Valspar Automotive Spectrophotometer offers a precise color match with the click of a button, even colors that prove difficult to match.

Low-VOC Solventborne Basecoat

The ONYX HD Low VOC Productive System produces low-VOC basecoats that are either waterborne or solventborne.

Retro Black Topcoat

PPG’s DITZLER Hot Rod Black Topcoat provides a uniform, low-gloss black finish that replicates the glory days of street rods and muscle cars.

High-Gloss Clearcoat

METALUX MX2 MS Clearcoat 9090 features excellent flow characteristics and a high-gloss, crystal-clear finish.

Strengthen Waterborne Adhesion

Bulldog Waterborne Adhesion Promoter is designed to promote adhesion of waterborne coatings to all major raw/primed plastics and pre-painted metal.

Quick-Drying Primer Surfacer

Transtar’s Signature Series Speed Primer is a premium, 2K urethane primer surfacer that covers in as little as two coats and dries in as little as 30 minutes.

Money-Saving Clearcoat

Metalux MX2 MS Clearcoat 9090 ensures a higher film build after application of only two full coats.

One-Step Buffing Compound

With the ability to quickly eliminate 1,200-grit sanding marks and leave a high gloss finish in one step, Fast Gloss compound offers efficiency, performance and labor savings.

Easily Paint Plastic

The combination of 9331 Metalux Plastic Prep Solution and 1111 Metalux Aerosol Plastic Adhesion Promoter makes painting plastic fast and easy.

Fast and Easy Contaminant Removal

Medallion’s Paint Prep Cloth (MRS-673) is designed to remove surface contaminants faster and easier than clay bars.

Accurately Match Color

The AccuShade Color Variant Selector makes it easy for refinishers to quickly and accurately identify the exact color formulas they need.

Add Sparkle to Finishes

PPG has supplemented its Ditzler Big Flake line with seven new flakes: mini gold, mini silver, red, orange, blue, purple and green.