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Plastic Repair for Today’s Modern Vehicles

It’s important that plastic repair considerations keep pace with the technological advancements of today’s vehicles.

KBS Coatings Introduces Fusion FPP Flexible Plastics Primer

KBS Fusion FPP promotes a tight bond between difficult-to-paint flexible surfaces and most varieties of top coats.

Plastic Repair: A Solution to the Parts Shortage

If you can’t get parts, then it makes sense to repair them. So maybe it’s time to dust off the old plastic welder and two-part bumper repair adhesives.

PPG OneChoice AdPro Max Adhesion Promoter

Jason Stahl and Darin Poston discuss PPG’s new OneChoice AdPro Max Adhesion Promoter for plastic repair.

ASE Offers Free Webinar on Plastics Identification

The webinar, titled “Plastics Identification for Effective Repairs,” will take place on May 3 at 4 p.m. EST.

ASE to Offer Free Webinar on Plastic Headlight Repair

The webinar, titled “Plastic Headlight Tab Repair with Nitrogen Plastic Welder,” will be held Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. EST.

VIDEO: U-POL Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler, Part 2

Tips on how to make cosmetic repairs with U-POL’s UP7061 Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler.

VIDEO: U-POL Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler, Part 1

Dan Reutter discusses how to use U-POL’s UP7061 Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler to fix road rash, deep gouges and holes in flexible parts.

VIDEO: The Future of Plastic Parts

Why the number of plastic parts in vehicles is growing and what this means to the operations of a collision repair facility.

VIDEO: Profiting from Plastic Repair

Why you should not be so quick to write replace when it comes to plastic repairs.

Polyvance Releases New Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit

Polyvance introduces its new 5213 Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit, the first all-in-one kit designed for general agricultural plastic repair.

Polyvance Urging Shops to Take Advantage of Online Training

With Polyvance’s sales team off the road due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Polyvance’s online training courses.