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ASE to Offer Free Webinar on Plastic Headlight Repair

The webinar, titled “Plastic Headlight Tab Repair with Nitrogen Plastic Welder,” will be held Sept. 30 at 4 p.m. EST.

VIDEO: U-POL Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler, Part 2

Tips on how to make cosmetic repairs with U-POL’s UP7061 Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler.

VIDEO: U-POL Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler, Part 1

Dan Reutter discusses how to use U-POL’s UP7061 Flexible High-Density Bumper Filler to fix road rash, deep gouges and holes in flexible parts.

VIDEO: The Future of Plastic Parts

Why the number of plastic parts in vehicles is growing and what this means to the operations of a collision repair facility.

VIDEO: Profiting from Plastic Repair

Why you should not be so quick to write replace when it comes to plastic repairs.

Polyvance Releases New Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit

Polyvance introduces its new 5213 Agricultural Plastic Welding Kit, the first all-in-one kit designed for general agricultural plastic repair.

Polyvance Urging Shops to Take Advantage of Online Training

With Polyvance’s sales team off the road due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time to take advantage of Polyvance’s online training courses.

Polyvance Inducted Into Japan Autobody Repair Association

Polyvance announced that it was inducted as a member of the Japan Autobody Repair Work Association on Jan. 1, 2020.

Plastic Repairs: Are We Throwing Away Opportunity?

Plastic has become such a large percentage of a vehicle’s makeup that repairing it has become a mainstay in the collision repair industry. But training is the key.

Polyvance Updates Temperature Guidelines for New Welding Rod

Polyvance has updated their suggested temperature settings chart to include three new welding rod materials it recently introduced.

Polyvance Releases New Generation of Nitrogen Plastic Welders

Polyvance has announced the immediate availability of its new 8000-series of nitrogen plastic welders that incorporate patent-pending new technology to make them easier to maintain and use.

SEM Products Releases Dual-Mix Rigid Plastic Repair Material

SEM Products has released its new Dual-Mix Rigid Plastic Repair Material, a two-component epoxy designed for cosmetic repairs on SMC, fiberglass, Metton and other rigid plastics.