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Dissecting Today’s Vehicles

With the advanced materials in today’s vehicles, looking up the OE procedures has become a necessity.

Polyvance Video: How Shops Can Profit from Plastic Repair on Hidden Pieces

The video follows the process of repairing an intercooler for a Ford Escape Eco Boost employing techniques that can be used on countless plastic repairs, particularly on parts found under the hood.

Polyvance Announces I-CAR Industry Training Alliance Approval of PR-02 Plastic Repair and Refinishing Course

This two-day training class is the industry’s most comprehensive course for beginner and experienced technicians alike, providing hands-on experience in all of the essential skills required for bumper, headlight and underhood plastic repair.

Polyvance Releases New Instructional Video

Video shows how to fix tab flanges that break off from a bumper cover, particularly on 2011-2013 Hyundai Sonatas, with an airless plastic welder.

Polyvance Releases Fifth-Generation Nitrogen Plastic Welder

The 6085-C Nitro Fuzer Nitrogen Welding System incorporates all of the advances of the previous generation, including the automatic air-nitrogen switch, low-pressure safety switch and analog flow meter, and adds to these features a more precise digital temperature control system.

Technical: The Evolution of Plastic Repair

More and more damaged plastic parts are being saved from the scrap heap by new technology.

Editor’s Notes 2.0: Bumpin’ Along

Not even a blizzard could keep us from fixing the plastic bumper cover of my son’s 2005 Pontiac Grand Am GT Coupe…and I think he might have found his calling.

Urethane Supply Company Announces Name Change to Polyvance

The change in name reflects the progression that has occurred in automotive plastics since the company’s inception.

Get Continuous Flow of Nitrogen With New 6066 Nitrocell

The new 6066 Nitrocell extracts nitrogen from the shop’s compressed air supply continuously, so there will be no more problems with empty nitrogen bottles.

Urethane Supply Company Releases Cordless Rechargeable Plastic Stapler

The Hot Spot stapler includes a wide variety of specialty staples, allowing the user to strengthen virtually any type of thermoplastic repair, from inside and outside corners to narrow mounting tabs.

Urethane Supply Unveils New Bumpersmith 2.0

Bumpersmith 2.0 offers a nitrogen plastic welding system combined with a fold-out bumper workstation, allowing the tech to hold the bumper in almost any position for easy repair work.

Professional Collision Equipment to Distribute Urethane Supply Nitrogen Plastic Welders in New Mexico and West Texas

Professional Collision Equipment is a new Chief Automotive distributor based in Abilene, Texas, owned by Guadalupe Hererra.