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Precise Masking

3M Precision Masking Tape is constructed with an ultra thin smooth paper backing ideal for producing sharp paint lines with both solvent and waterborne paint systems.

Super-Refining Sanding Discs

Available in 3-, 5- and 6-inch sizes, the 3M Trizact 5000 Sanding Discs leave a sanding pattern so refined that the paint is reflective, according to 3M.

Water-Based Buffing System

In two steps, the Presta Ultra 2 Step Buffing System quickly removes 1200 and finer sand scratches from fresh or cured paint, creating a deep gloss and flawless final finish.

Ultra Velocity Clearcoat

Lightning Clear is a high quality, fast drying urethane clearcoat that can be used for spot and panel repairs.

High Performance Waterborne Primer

PPG’s Envirobase High Performance EPW115 Waterborne Speed Prime offers direct-to-metal performance and may be applied over properly prepared substrates.

Color-Coded Polishing System

Polishing System from siachrome utilizes a color code to ensure process-reliable polishing.

Speedy ‘Green’ Clearcoat

Click&go from AkzoNobel is a “pouch and frame” packaging solution designed to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Pre-Paint Prep Solvent

Rapid Prep, ideal for plastic parts, eliminates silicone, polymer, wax, oil and grease.

Easily Sand Irregular Work Areas

New siafleece flex handpads conform to curves or can be formed into a ball-like steel wool, making it easier to sand, cut or clean irregular work areas.

Spot Priming with Good Adhesion

Metalux 8852-AER 1K Spot Primer provides good adhesion to steel and has fast curing and anti-corrosive properties.

Remove Micro-Pinholes

Evercoat’s 440Express Micro-Pinhole Eliminator is designed to be a shop’s insurance policy against micro-pinholes in glazing putty.

Aggressive Sanding Tool

sia Abrasives’ siabite 2511 File Belts contain self-sharpening ceramic grits and are designed for heavy-duty metal work.