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Strip Away Sealers

Scuff Stuff’s water-soluble cleaners strip away waxes, sealers and dirt while super-fine abrasives create a consistent surface profile that helps coatings spread flatter and bond more securely. Use them on hard-to-reach areas (around door locks, under seals and door jambs) and to clean and abrade urethane bumpers.

Rotary and Random Orbital Action

The new Rotary/ Random Orbital Sanding Head allows the user to switch from rotary to random orbital action with the push of a button. Utilizing either an electric or air-powered tool, the user operates the pad in a rotary (cut) mode for buffing and removing dust nibs, light scratches, oxidation and “orange peel.” Then, switch

Remove Fine Sanding Marks

Farécla’s G3 Production Compound is the world’s leading general use liquid compound, setting a benchmark standard in surface finishing. The easy to use, one step system provides a rapid cutting action with a water-based, diminishing abrasive formula that quickly and permanently removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern refinish paint systems. 

Abrasive Blasting

ALC has introduced two new economical models of Soda Blasters that perform both abrasive blasting and  soda blasting. In addition, ALC offers two new models of Soda Blasting retrofit kits for converting most brands of abrasive blasters into Soda Blasters. Visit 

Ultimate Prep Work

The Ultimate-X steam clean and prep unit features a port-able design and offers cleaning and phosphate treatment prior to paint or powder coating applications. Powder-X says the machine  showcases more output at less amp draw than ever seen on the market. Visit

Quick-Drying Two-Component Primer

The Euro Classic DTM (Direct -to-Metal) Primer is a two-component primer surfacer that’s quick drying and easy to sand, wet or dry. It provides exceptional corrosion protection along with excellent fill and build properties. Also, it can be tinted using Transtar’s Star Shade system. Finally, use it as a sealer when reduced with Transtar’s Urethane

Sealer for Both Metal and Plastic

Bulldog Sealer & Adhesion Promoter is the only one-component sealer/adhesion promoter that can be used on both metal and plastic. It seals primed metal and plastic surfaces, offering quick dry times and excellent holdout while filling scratches. It dries clear so it can be used for jambs and edges, but can also be tinted with