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Waterborne/Low-VOC Automotive Refinishes

BodyShop Business examines the profitability of converting your shop to waterborne/low-VOC automotive refinishes, best practices for waterborne/low-VOC application and what the future holds.

A Crash Course in Color Theory

BodyShop Business Publisher Scott Shriber, whose painting career ended with the advent of catalyzed paints, proves an old dog can learn new tricks.

Class Is In Session: Learning Color Theory

Editor Jason Stahl visits Pro-Spray Automotive Finishes to get schooled on refinishing, color adjustment and blending.

Preventing Peelers

A shocking number of bumper covers painted in body shops end up peeling, but all it takes is following the paint manufacturer’s procedures for finishing flexible parts to banish these eyesores forever.

Pinstriping and Lettering: The Lost Art

Quality pinstriping takes lots of practice, but if you dedicate yourself to it and market it well, you can make it a thriving add-on business.

Diary of a Bad Collision Repair Part II

It’s been almost one year since I exposed some butcher jobs in the North Carolina collision market, and guess what? They’re still happening.

6H Rule: My Compliance Experience

Watching a video of our state inspector explaining our state’s regulations regarding the 6H Rule nearly induced a panic attack in me as I realized I wasn’t compliant. So I got busy and here’s my story.

Diagnosing Automotive Paint Problems

More than 17 years in the collision repair industry has alerted me to three common problems with paint jobs. Here’s how to avoid them so you can also avoid costly redos.

Waterborne Paint FAQs

We asked the paint manufacturers six questions about low-VOC/waterborne paint with the goal of dispelling the myths and fears about this new technology. Their answers may surprise you.

Repairing Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are becoming more and more popular as consumers are choosing to customize their vehicles before purchasing…which means you’ll be seeing more of these cars in your shops. Here’s more on the trend and what you need to know about handling repairs.

Prep for Perfection

Shortcuts and speed only lead to hack paint jobs. Performing the right paint prep procedures from start to finish will help you avoid costly re-dos.

Diary of a Bad Collision Repair

Bad collision repairs are allowed to take place, pure and simple. Greed and not caring allow them to take place. And I’ve seen my fair share.