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Your Lungs, Your Skin, Your Life

Many collision repairers still aren’t properly protecting themselves from isocyanates. It’s time that changed.

Matching Tricoat Pearls: Think Groundcoat

Making a let-down panel doesn’t solve the problem of matching tricoat pearl color. There’s got to be a better way – and there is: an invisible foundation-coat repair. If an automotive painter were asked what he did for a living, it would be fair for him to say that he’s a master illusionist. Citizen Jane

Show Me the Savings!

Insurers are writing for partial paint times on repaired panels, claiming it doesn’t take as long to apply color to part of a panel as it does to the whole panel. We all know this is bogus.

Life in The Fast Lane: Shop Manager Devised Method to Take Back What Was Rightfully His

Fed up with losing work to faster competitors, this shop manager devised a new method to take back what was rightfully his.

Pearl Tricoat: Refinishing Made Easy

The problem: You don’t know how many coats of pearl the OEM applied at the factory. The solution: Make a letdown panel.

UV Coatings: Curing at Light-Speed

Increase productivity and boost your bottom line. UV curable coatings reach full cure in two to three minutes – and that’s with no mixing, virtually no VOCs and no heat.

Dry It, You’ll Like It

Interested in making more money and saving time?
Then dry sanding might be for you.

Innovative (and Cool) Stuff for the Paint Shop

During the recent NACE show in Las Vegas, I made the rounds of the paint manufacturer’s display booths. (It’s nice to have them back at NACE, by the way.) My topic for this article is new paint technologies, and I was able to speak to someone knowledgeable at each of the booths. I simply asked

Painting Plastic Bumpers

To successfully paint plastic
parts, it’s no longer necessary to name the plastic first. Whether
thermoplastic or thermoset, today’s parts can be treated uniformly.

Finding Flaws Before the Booth: Prep Procedures

Time wasted in the booth and on redos doesn’t pay the bills. Save time and money by establishing proper prep procedures.

Get Buff

When, why and how to color sand and buff.

Blending Paint Right the First Time

Because nearly every repair ends up needing blended, you need to get it right the first time or you can kiss your profits goodbye.