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H&S Autoshot Introduces GPR-7570 Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Complete PDR kit includes a mini puller, slide hammer, suction cups, glue-pulling knobs, glue gun and an assortment of glue.

S/P2 Introduces New Interviewing Course For Automotive Students

Course complements the S/P2 automotive school courses, helping instructors prepare their students for the interview process.

Complete Mobile Workstation

Elektron’s MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station is a complete mobile workstation equipped with the tools needed to properly repair dents in aluminum sheet metal body panels and hoods.

Make Aluminum Welding Easier

All three of Cebotech’s MIG welders (models 301, 302 and 322) are supplied with built-in welding programs for easy setup, and are ready for a Push-Pull gun.

How They Work: Spot Welders

When your business invests in a squeeze type resistance spot welder, you’re really investing in the ability to consistently produce a safe repair for your customer.

Extract and Insert Self-Piercing Rivets with Ease

Steck’s new SPR Extraction and Insertion Tools allow technicians to extract and insert self-piercing rivets without waiting in line for the expensive hydraulic tools to do this same process.

RollerRodz Next Generation Paintless Dent Removal Wheels

The new RollerRodz tips have a precision bearing for a smooth rolling motion, three different-sized wheels, the rubber tire is bonded to the bearing and the tire density allows for “gription.”

Improved Adhesion and Ease of Sanding

Evercoat’s Rage, Metal Glaze, Rage Ultra and Metal Glaze Ultra with EcoResin use the exclusive, patent-pending EcoResin for improved adhesion and ease of sanding.

Aluminum Hammer Kit

Dent Fix’s DF-AH714 Aluminum Hammer Kit features maintenance-free, solid aluminum heads that are perfect for working on aluminum-bodied vehicles because they prevent galvanic corrosion.

Is Your Vehicle Lift Resting On Its Locks?

Rotary Lift’s LockLight is a new lift accessory that shows technicians, shop managers and health/safety inspectors at a glance if a vehicle lift is resting on its locks.

Laser Measuring System

The aluminum-ready, state-of-the-art laser measuring system, Eclipse by AMS, now comes with a $500 gift certificate for Grade A Tools when purchased before March 31, 2015.

Weld Three Different Metals

Pro Spot’s SP-5 Smart Pulse MIG has three MIG torches that are set up for three different base metals: aluminum, silicon bronze and steel.