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Auto Care Association Releases 2016 Digital Collision Repair Trends Report

The report highlights the size and scope of the U.S. collision industry and includes analyses of factors influencing the collision industry, automotive collision insurance coverage and DRPs.

Report Finds Making All Vehicles Autonomous Could Prevent Up to 95 Percent of All Traffic Accidents

Study shows that the overall economic benefit to the UK could be as much as £51 billion a year due to fewer accidents, improved productivity and increased trade.

Kansas City Tops Annual Allstate Report as Safest Driving City

Kansas City’s drivers experience an auto collision every 13.3 years, which is 24.8 percent less likely than the national average of every 10 years.

J.D. Power Report Finds Automakers Are Spending Billions on Technologies Many Consumers Don’t Use

The report finds that at least 20 percent of new-vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technology features measured.

Mitchell’s 3Q 2015 Industry Trends Report Identifies Top 10 Parts Most Damaged in Repairable Collisions

Report also uncovers the frequency with which the parts involved in these repairable collisions are replaced versus repaired and what material each part is typically made of.

Strategy Analytics: First Wireless Electric Car Charging System Could Appear by 2017

Wireless charging systems are currently being developed to make the charging experience more convenient for consumers and to encourage them to recharge their vehicles more often.

US Miles Driven Nears 1 Trillion in First Quarter

April estimates show that the nation’s driving has increased steadily for 14 consecutive months.

NTSB Says Collision Avoidance Systems Should Be Standard in Cars

The systems, according to the report, could possibly prevent more than 80 percent of rear-end collisions annually.

Forecast Finds EV Charging Stations Set to Skyrocket by 2020

Global EV Charger market is forecast to grow from roughly 1 million units in 2014 to more than 12.7 million units in 2020, according to a new report by IHS Inc.

Expedia 2015 Road Rage Report Finds ‘Texters’ Enrage Fellow Drivers the Most

“The Texter” generated the most fury, followed by “The Tailgater” and “The Left Lane Hog.”

Mitchell Releases Second Quarter 2015 Industry Trends Report

Report examines the latest industry trends to help people better understand the landscape and make improved business decisions.

New Report Lays Out Likely Evolution of Self-Driving Car Market

Report elaborates on the technological and market evolutions that must occur for self-driving vehicles to become commercially viable.