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Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun Cabinet Designed to Improve Technician Ergonomics and Productivity

By taking some of the rivet gun’s weight off the technician’s shoulders, the Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun Cabinet is designed to help technicians more easily maneuver the gun and work longer with less physical strain and fatigue.

Aluminum Series: Rivet Bonding

Rivet bonding is growing in use as it proves itself as a structural repair. Do you know how to perform this procedure properly?

New Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun Pierces Usibor and Other High-Strength Steels

Chief’s new Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun puts out almost twice the force of the company’s standard rivet gun, enabling collision repair technicians to use it to install rivets in even the strongest steels, including Usibor.

Get Around Obstacles with Dent Fix’s DF-CT888 Swivel Slimline Plastic Riveter

The rotational head allows for flexibility when reaching around to tough-to-reach areas.

Bond Aluminum and Steel with Universal Rivet Gun

Chief Automotive Technologies’ new rivet gun uses a pneumatic-hydraulic system for consistent performance across applications.

Rivet Bonding Comes Full Blast

By now, most of you have heard the news that Ford has mainstreamed rivet bonding with the introduction of the 2015 F-150. This has forced many shops to look into some new equipment, such as self piercing rivet guns (or SPR guns). The cost of this gun has many shop owners shaking their heads and

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