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RUPES Launches Multi-Purpose Trolley for Vacuum System

RUPES has announced the launch of the new KC28 multipurpose trolley that is designed to work efficiently in combination with the RUPES Professional Vacuum Cleaner S2 Series.

New BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher Features Power and High Performance

The new BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher features a high-torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing.

RUPES Introduces New Microfiber Polishing Pads

The new microfiber polishing pads offer quick defect correction on high-solids or ceramic clearcoats, high efficiency on clearcoats and one-stage surfaces, greatly reduced polishing cycle times and more.

New Random Orbital Skorpio E Electric Sander

The all-new design of the SKORPIO E makes it comfortable and easy to use and provides optimized maneuverability and balance to ensure precise and efficient sanding results.

RUPES Launches the SKORPIO III Random Orbital Sander

SKORPIO III features an all-new motor developed to provide the best power-to-weight ratio with reduced air consumption, as well as minimized tool noise and vibration levels.

RUPES Launches Next Generation of BigFoot Polishers

The BigFoot MarkII LHR 21 and LHR 15 feature a significant increase in deliverable power, the strengthening of the front housing assembly and more.