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Driven by Safety and Emissions Regulations, OEMs Investing Billions in Advanced Vehicle Technology

The R&D spending is fueling brisk growth in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, in-vehicle connectivity, safety features, electric propulsion and other technology.

Health and Safety: Starting a Safety Plan in Your Shop

If you’re looking to start a safety and health plan in your shop, OSHA’s “Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs” is a good place to begin.

Health & Safety: Avoiding OSHA’s Top Violations

OSHA’s annual list of the 10 most cited violations can be a useful reference and wake-up call to shops that are trying to identify areas where they can get safer.

S/P2 Launches Resume Building Course for Career Tech Students

The “Land That Job! Building a Resume” online course provides best practices for resume writing and creates an interactive process for students to build and download their resumes.

Pennsylvania Bill Adding Recall Checks into Safety Inspections

House Bill 2297 would require state vehicle safety inspections to include a review of any potential safety recalls using the vehicle’s VIN number.

Study Finds Crashes Involving Road Debris Up 40 Percent Since 2001

The new study, released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, found that more than 200,000 crashes involved debris on U.S. roadways during the past four years.

A Look at Today’s ‘Connected Vehicle Thief’

It is no longer about just stealing cars, car parts or even the personal property inside them. Today’s “connected vehicle thief” also can access on-board data and even personal identity information.

Data Shows Stricter Driving Laws Do Make Us Safer

Data shows that, across the board, states with tougher driving laws see fewer motorists die on their roadways.

Automakers, Intelligent Transportation Systems Community Call on FCC to Protect the Safety Spectrum

The FCC is considering a proposal to reconfigure the 5.9 GHz band that automotive groups say would sweep away decades of research and development of connected car and crash avoidance technology.

NHTSA Says They Won’t Block States from Setting Their Own Rules on Self-Driving Cars

NHTSA head Mark Rosekind said that in order for automakers to reduce 38,000 deaths on roadways each year, they would need to increase the safety of their autonomous cars.

Miami News Station Runs Segment on Counterfeit Parts

News special highlighted federal regulators’ and auto industry’s concern about copycats who replicate a manufacturer’s markings so well that customers and even auto part suppliers get duped.

Safety Guide: Creating a Safety Culture for a Competitive Edge

What can auto repair companies do to attract, hire and retain young talent? The first step is to learn what’s important to them.