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Safety Guide: Make Shop Safety a Top Priority

A shop that takes safety and its employees’ well-being seriously is going to have happier employees than a shop that does not.

PCI Commends Automakers’ Commitment to Make Automatic Emergency Braking Standard on New Vehicles

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America’s Bob Passmore said, “The promotion and expansion of accident avoidance technology is paramount for protecting motorists.”

U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Facilitate Fuel Cell, Hybrid Vehicles

The notice proposes adding an optional method for post-crash electrical safety that involves physical barriers to prevent electric shock due to direct or indirect contact of high-voltage sources.

Hyundai Launches Campaign to Educate Drivers on the Danger of Counterfeit Parts

The integrated media, advertising and public relations campaign that includes YouTube videos will focus on vehicle safety and resale value.

Department of Transportation Recommends Updated Safety Rating System for New Vehicles

Proposed series of changes would modernize NHTSA’s current standards. Under the current program, NHTSA crash tests new vehicles and rates their ability to protect occupants in frontal, side and rollover crashes.

Congress Includes Car and Truck Safety Provisions in Final Highway Bill

Filed on Dec. 1st, the final conference report for H.R. 22 includes a number of provisions that will lead to safety improvements in both light passenger vehicles and heavy-duty commercial vehicle fleets.

Driver Education Can Ease Winter Driving

National Safety Council’s “MyCarDoesWhat” campaign can provide valuable information for collision repair facilities to use in their customer education efforts.

New Public Education Campaign On Vehicle Safety Technologies Unveiled

Campaign to help drivers navigate new, lifesaving technologies and was unveiled amid concerns that Americans are uncertain about how important vehicle safety features work – even with technologies that have been standard for years.

Transportation Secretary Announces Formation of New NHTSA Safety Teams

Report outlines changes NHTSA has adopted in the wake of the General Motors (GM) ignition switch recall and how the agency proposes to strengthen its defect investigation workforce.

NSC Estimates Cellphones Involved in 27 Percent of All Crashes

The estimate includes crashes involving drivers who are texting or talking on handheld or hands-free cellphones.

Ford Recalls Over 12,000 2015 F-150s

Upper I-shaft that might have been riveted improperly could separate and result in the loss of steering control without warning, increasing the risk of a crash.

S/P2 Introduces New Interviewing Course For Automotive Students

Course complements the S/P2 automotive school courses, helping instructors prepare their students for the interview process.