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Health & Safety: A Matter of Record

Hundreds of serious accidents and injuries happen in body shops across the country every year. Through the process of logging injuries and illnesses, you can establish worker protections designed to reduce and eliminate safety hazards.

Mobile Inspection Light

Made in the USA, the Champ Mobile Inspection Light provides maximum lighting for detailed inspection for paint flaws and body damage.

Illuminate Alignment Bay for Increased Productivity

This rack lighting kit illuminates wheel alignment adjustment points for higher productivity in the alignment bay.

Quickly Switch from Glasses to Goggles

With three lens color options, Gloggles allow techs to switch from glasses to goggles with a simple push, pull and snap.

Rugged Welding Gear

Welders now have even more ways to protect themselves and make their jobs more comfortable with a number of new products offered in the updated Lincoln Electric Welding Gear catalog.

Graveyard Shift Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric has added the new Graveyard Shift design to its array of 2450 VIKING Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets.

Flexible Noise Control

Sound Curtains from Goff’s Enterprises, Inc. are all-new, custom-made noise control curtains and screens designed to dramatically reduce harmful industrial strength noises.

Organize Your Welding Gear

Misplaced welding gear is a thing of the past, thanks to Lincoln Electric’s Traditional Welding Gear Ready-Pak.

Easily Access High Areas

The Champ Overhead Creeper gives you easy access to high areas. It’s ideal for working on trucks and SUVs, and its padded top allows for comfortable working. It extends from 47 inches to 67 inches and is manufactured in the USA and sold exclusively through Auto Body Toolmart. Call (800) 382-1200 or visit for

Eyewear/Faceshield Cleaning Station

3M’s Super Clear™ Lens Cleaning Station (3M product 83735) includes a 16 oz. spray bottle for cleaning solutions and 1,520 lens tissues that dispense out of the sides of this station. The station is wall-mountable and complements 3M’s line of safety eyewear.

Contain Dust, Dirt, Grinding Sparks and Noise

At nearly one-third the cost of permanent walls, Goff’s Curtain Walls help contain dust, dirt, grinding sparks and noise while separating and maximizing usable shop space. Custom manufactured with fire resistant vinyl and a 16g track and roller system, they’re the flexible, durable solution to separating wash bays, prep stations, and painting areas.

Protect Yourself from OSHA and EPA

Safety Regulation Strategies provides dealerships and body shops with “bulletproof” protection from OSHA and EPA. Services include safety and environmental inspections; certified hands-on training and fit-testing; written programs and documentation; and technical support. All DRP approved. Lower your insurance rates and stop worrying about fines. Call (800) 723-3734.