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What is Collision Repairers’ No. 1 Diagnostic Need?

Jason Stahl asks Chris Chesney of Repairify: what is collision repairers’ most pressing need when it comes to ADAS vehicle repair?

Body Bangin’: Bridging the Gap in Scan Tools with Joe Maitland

Live from the Southeast Collision Conference, Micki Woods interviews Joe Maitland of CAS on how his diagnostic scan tools bridge the gap between aftermarket and OE scan tools.

Auto Diagnostic Scan Tools Market to Hit $60 Billion by 2030

Reasons for the growth include the growing adoption of connected vehicles and growing malfunctions of sensitive electronic components.

Being ADAS Ready: Creating a Strategic-Based Repair System in Your Shop

Whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not, the technological advancements in automotive technology have created change that must be reckoned with. It isn’t just novelty accessories that may or may not be here to stay, it is life-saving technology advancing at a rate that this industry has never seen. Although

Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tools Market Trend Report

The automotive diagnostic scan tools market is estimated to be $41 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach a market size of $52.9 billion by 2025.

AirPro Diagnostics Adds Senior Sales and Marketing Consultant

AirPro Diagnostics, an industry leader in remote OEM diagnostic scanning, programming, safety system and ADAS calibrations, has announced the hiring of Frank LaViola as senior sales and marketing consultant.

Bosch Introduces New Professional Diagnostic Tools

Bosch has announced the launch of two new scan tools, the ADS 325 and ADS 625, both of which can quickly Auto ID CAN vehicles, read/clear all DTC types from all controllers, view data PIDS, perform bi-directional controls, calibrations, resets and relearns.

Technical: Recalibrations – Are You Aiming in the Right Direction?

Scanning is about clearing a code, whereas recalibrations are about making sure everything is aimed or that all components can talk to each other when activated. Know the difference.

Mac Tools Introduces MDT 10 Scan Tool for OBD I and II Vehicles

The MDT 10 Scan Tool 10” from Mac Tools provides a complete bi-directional diagnostic platform for both OBD I- and OBD II-equipped domestic, Asian and European vehicles (OBD I requires additional adapters).

MDT 10 Scan Tool from Mac Tools
SCRS Releases Video on Restoring Vehicle Functionality through Electronic Technology and Diagnostics

Video is the second of two that were recorded during the OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit at the 2016 SEMA Show.

Looking Clearly Through the Glass

There is no such thing as a simple repair anymore, and windshield replacement is a prime example.

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