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SEM Obtains 52 Recommendations from GM

Recommended product categories include adhesives, foams, panel bonding adhesives, plastic repair materials, seam sealers, stone guard coatings and undercoatings.

Save Time with SEM’s New Premium Powder Guide Coat

This premium guide coat can detect the smallest pinholes, reducing re-work and assisting in a flawless finish.

Buy More Time with SEM’s Dual-Mix Quick Set Adhesive Line

Quick Set 180’s extended three-minute working time works for large repairs in hot climates, while still functioning as a fast-set adhesive.

Skip the Cleanup With SEM’s Custom Fill Color Coat Aerosol Blank

SEM’s Custom Fill machine, available as manual or pneumatic, fills up to 30 aerosol blanks per hour with no cleaning required.

Scuff Faster, Clean Better with SEM’s Scuff & Clean Prep Paste

Scuff & Clean is an abrasive material that cleans and prepares panels for repair or refinish.

Refinish Distributors Alliance Board Meeting Hosted by SEM Products Inc.

The Refinish Distributors Alliance (RDA) held their February board meeting at the SEM Products headquarters in Rock Hill, S.C. While there, CEO Steve Fussy and Vice President of Sales George Krul, along with the entire SEM team, made the RDA board feel right at home. After a tour of SEM’s plant facilities, the RDA board