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Welding 101: What to Know and Where to Begin 

With many welding methods available, which one is right?

Spot Welders: One of the Best Investments You Can Make

Squeeze-type resistance spot welders have improved shops’ ability to duplicate factory welds. But knowing how to use and maintain them correctly is a critical piece to making the investment pay off.

Kent Automotive Pro-Bit Spot Weld Removers

Kent Automotive’s Supertanium Pro-Bit Spot Weld Removers are uniquely designed and engineered to completely remove and separate spot weld joints in a single step.

STRSW: From Terminology to Technique

Plug welding and spot welding are not the same, but many use these two terms as if they’re interchangeable.

VIDEO: Spot Welding vs. Plug Welding, Part 3

Why it’s important to always verify your spot welds.

VIDEO: Spot Welding vs. Plug Welding, Part 2

The continual evolution of materials and welding requirements in modern vehicles.

VIDEO: Spot Welding vs. Plug Welding

Do you know the difference between plug welding and spot welding and which one is becoming more preferred by automakers?

STRSW: Hitting the Spot

Understanding why squeeze-type resistance spot welding is becoming the preferred/required attachment method of OEMs is imperative to help ensure a complete, safe and quality repair.

Volkswagen AG Approves Car-O-Liner Resistance Spot Welder

Car-O-Liner has received another approval from Volkswagen Automotive Group for its VAS 6755A fully automatic resistance spot welder.

Extended Reach Cutters Make Through Holes Fast

The cutters are available in four popular sizes and are also available in a convenient kit that contains all four cutter diameters in a molded plastic case for cutting edge protection.

Spot Welding: Required in Today’s Auto Body Repairs

Spot welds have been recommended in vehicle repair for years. Now, they’re required.

VIDEO: Pro Spot Showcases New Products at SEMA

Ryan Swanson, training development manager for Pro Spot, walks us through some of Pro Spot’s newest products at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.