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Limited Edition Spray Gun

This spring, SATA is introducing the SATAjet Liberty, a limited edition of the high performance spray gun series SATAjet 3000 B. The spray gun is embellished with a “stars and stripes” American flag design with the Statue of Liberty on the handle. A durable surface coating makes it suitable for everyday use, and it’s solvent-

Spot Repair Gun

DeVilbiss introduces the versatile SriPro Spot Repair Gun. Its variable fan pattern is perfect for spot repairs, doorjambs, bumpers, even motorcycle tanks. The SriPro’s balanced air valve provides smooth triggering and control when fading and blending. Includes high efficiency and HVLP air caps, 1.0mm fluid tip, 4-oz. nylon cup, and a starter set of 9-oz.

Spray Gun Control, Speed and Comfort

This premium gun combines superior atomization control with production speed and ergonomics. There are two HVLP versions of the Supernova: the LS400 for clearcoats and the LS400 for basecoats. Both guns are available with either a 1.3 mm or 1.4 mm nozzle size, depending on what paint brand is being sprayed. The basecoat version is

Gun Cleaning System

When used together with disposable cups, this system allows safe, fast color changes in 25 seconds or less.  Mounted in the spraybooth, this pneumatic device eliminates wasted trips to and from the booth, keeping paint jobs and guns cleaner.  Also, it’s suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paints. Visit . 

Spray Guns on Sale

Get professional results with this line of gravity feed spray guns on sale through December.  These HVLP- and LV-compliant spray guns are available in two nozzle sizes. Their low air consumption design creates less overspray and easy cleanup. Air control valves are also available. Visit www.orderkeystone.com.  

HVLP Guns on Sale

Get professional results with economically priced HVLP spray guns on sale through November from Keystone Automotive. These “all-purpose” mini guns offer adjustable air pressure and spray fan patterns to produce a high-quality finish. Rebuild kits are also available. Visit www.OrderKeystone.com.

Supernova Spray Gun

The new Supernova line of spray guns will debut in North America at the ASET distribution facility during ASET’s “Ultimate Air Affair” annual custom painting hands-on instructional training event in Salt Lake City, Utah Sept. 3-5, 2009. The official release will occur at the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Visit www.anestiwata.com.

Waterborne Cleaning

These gun washers are designed for complete automatic or manual cleaning of spray equipment. The AquaMax cleaning solution is designed for both automatic and manual cleaning of waterborne base coatings. It eliminates the need for multi-step cleaning, is easily mixed and can be coagulated to minimize waste stream costs. Visit www.btecna.com.

Compressed Air Solutions

Tsunami carries compressors, dryer systems,  SFD Ultra Drying Systems,  filtration packages and spray hoses. The company takes care of everything from the compressor to the booth!  Visit www.tsunami.us.com.

Affordable Spray Guns

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc. offers a range of affordable spray guns from its Air Gunsa division. The new, redesigned, lower cost Air Gunsa guns are set up for performance. Choose either the HVLP with cup (AZ3HV2) with nozzle sizes from 1.3mm to 2.0mm or the conventional air spray with cup (AZ3HTE2) with nozzle sizes from

Stainless Steel Gun

The 4000GH gravity spray gun features a stainless steel air cap, nozzle and needle. It also has low air  consumption, a working pressure of 30 to 43 psi and only weighs 1.15 lbs. Call (800) 361-7956 or visit www.pro-teksprayequipment.com.

Big Jobs Done Faster

The new Sharpe Razor pressure-feed guns and 2.5-gallon pressure system get big painting jobs done in less time for HVLP, compliant and conventional painting. Whether painting a car, motor home, truck or bus, the guns provide superior atomization for Class A finishes. With one of the best spray patterns in the industry, the guns have