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Convert Your Booth

Accudraft has introduced the new Accu- QADS System, a booth upgrade that supplies additional air flow from the corners of the spraybooth cabin. The clean, filtered and heated air provided by the AccuQADS towers creates the ideal environment for the fast, controlled flash-off of waterborne basecoats and the rapid curing of low-VOC topcoats regardless of

Waterborne-Ready Booth

A-Frame is offering a full-size reverse flow booth complete with flash-off system components, exhaust, controls, plus many extras for $9,995. Payments as low as $220 WAC. Call (877) 338-3006 or visit www.aframe-paint-booth.com/tornadoh2o. html.

Fire Protection for Spraybooths

The Amerex industrial dry chemical system carries the first UL-listing for a truly oversized vehicle paint spraybooth and ceiling-mounted nozzles up to 23 feet, 4 inches in height. Now you can protect large vehicle paint spray booths that are used for trucks and heavy equipment with a fully UL-listed system that has been specifically tested

Low-Profile Retrofit Towers

GFS AdvanceCure retrofit towers work well with older paint booths that may have hard-to-fit applications. The low-profile towers can be placed almost anywhere, including inside prep stations, and use a remotely located motor and intake filter to provide universal compatibility. Visit www.globalfinishing.com.

$92,000 Giveaway at NACE

Chassis Liner and Accudraft are offering a  $92,000 Stimulus Package Giveaway at NACE 2009. One lucky NACE 2009 attendee will win an extreme shop package that includes the Lift ’N Rak Pro (valued at $7,000) and an Accudraft TITAN (valued at $85,000). Visit www.accudraftpaintbooths.com.

Waterborne Flash-Off System

The EVO-4 four-tower waterborne flash-off system covers any standard-size booth and can be modified to fit others. Three venturi nozzles create turbulence to disrupt laminar airflow during flash-off, and three stainless steel pipes with air outlets rotate to position the nozzles. Multidirectional velocity cones adjust the air speed by moving the cone within its boot.

Semi-Downdraft Booth

In stock for immediate shipment! $8,300 plus freight. Call (800)868-3033 or visit www.spraybooths.com and check out other featured products.

Convenient Hose Glide

The Champ Hose Glide sold by Auto Body Toolmart keeps air hoses off the floor and out of the way in paint booths while allowing painters complete mobility and access to vehicles. The Hose Glide easily installs in almost any paint booth. Call (800) 382-1200 or visit www.autobodytoolmart.com.  

Booth, Floor Wrap Films

Self-adhesive Booth Wrap Film is simple to install. One kit lines the walls of booths 14 feet by 27 feet to 10 feet high. Offering a reflective surface, Bright White Floor Wrap Film is prepared to handle high-turbulence booths. It’s also useful on mixing room floors and other areas. Call (888) 264-3770 or visit www.crashwrap.com.

Speed Dry Waterborne

The Speed Dry is designed as an ultra-efficient electric alternative to the air-consuming venturi systems currently being sold for accelerating waterborne primers and basecoats. The Speed Dry with Heater (part no. 15-1015) is also available and provides the ultimate combination for fastest dry times available. Visit www.infratech-usa.com.

Magnetic Blower Hanger

Maximize space in the booth with the new magnetic blower hanger. Move it anywhere on the booth wall and easily aim your blowers at the targets. Its wide reach and pivoting movement make it easy to use. There is no air piping, drilling or retrofitting necessary. Just attach it to the wall using its powerful

Dry Waterborne Fast

The AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System is ultimate solution for body shops looking to retrofit their paint booths for enhanced waterborne drying performance. It yields the fastest drying times with waterborne paints and provides complete vehicle airflow coverage for consistent drying over the entire vehicle. It’s also fast and easy to install into virtually any model