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The Auto Body Business: Common Sense Isn’t So Common

At this point in time, collision repairers need to reevaluate their businesses and do whatever is necessary to not just survive but thrive.

Are There Laws to Prevent Insurers from Abandoning Cars at Repair Shops?

What are the laws pertaining to an insurance company leaving a car at a repair shop because they do not want to pay the bill?

California Body Shop Owner Challenging New Law Limiting Storage Charge

A California body shop owner is upset by a bill in his state that passed into law last year and took effect Jan. 1, 2019 aimed at “closing loopholes in California’s towing and vehicle storage law to reduce abusive practices aimed at inflating storage fees.”

Illinois Legislation Would Impose New Vehicle Storage Requirements

House Bill 6169 would require vehicle storage providers to send a certified letter detailing their rates to the vehicle lienholder before imposing fees.

Insurance Refusal to Pay Storage Fees

We paid the towing fees to bring a customer’s classic vehicle to our facility for restoration. The customer declined to go ahead with the job. The vehicle has been in our possession since Dec. 8, 2014, and the customer has failed to pick up the vehicle. What can we do?

Portable and Versatile Tool Carrier

The C6T Backpack & Trolley can be worn as a backpack but then can be quickly transformed into a trolley.

Easily Store and Access Supplies

The Paint Booth Access Turntable allows you to store paint and other additional items out of the way until it becomes necessary to use them.

Streamline Detail Department Workflow

Goliath Carts has released the D1 Detail Cart, which helps to streamline the detail department workflow, giving the shop owner greater mobility and control of inventory.

E-Z View Clear Cans

E-Z View Clear Cans are the newest concept in paint mixing and storage and an ideal solution for waterborne/low-VOC paint storage.

Mobile Supply and Inventory

The new Innovative Material Cart is a mobile supply and inventory system that makes needed materials visible and close at hand for use by painters, bodymen and detailers.

Space Saver Cabinet

Shure Manufacturing Corporation’s Space Saver Cabinet is designed with a large storage capacity to meet your individual storage requirements.

Secure and Convenient Key Access

Convenient key access means your customers are picking up their keys while you’re at home with your family.