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Americans Want Silicon Valley Tech Firms to Steer Self-Driving Cars, Not Automakers

Survey finds that Americans overwhelmingly want to buy and ride in self-driving cars, but they don’t want the “brains” of those vehicles to come from automakers.

Third “Who Pays for What?” Survey Open to Collision Repairers in July

The survey asks shops about “not-included” operations related to structural/frame and mechanical repairs.

New ‘Who Pays for What’ Survey Asks About Not-Included Body Labor Billing, Insurer Payment Practices

The current survey, being conducted for the first time, focuses on about two dozen not-included body labor operations, asking shops how frequently they are paid for each of the operations by the eight largest auto insurers in the country.

AAA Survey Finds Three-Quarters of Americans Are “Afraid” to Ride in a Self-Driving Car

With today’s heightened focus on autonomous vehicles, AAA says this fear poses a potential concern to the automotive industry as consumers may be reluctant to fully embrace the self-driving car.

National AutoBody Research Launches New Labor Rate Survey for Luxury Brands and Special Vehicles

Through the survey, NABR measures and reports the market-based labor prices collision repairers charge for working on vehicles such as Audi, Bentley, Mercedes or Tesla, as well as special vehicles such as the Ford F-150 or Nissan GT-R.

First 2016 “Who Pays for What” Survey is Now Open

This survey focuses on more than two dozen “not-included” refinish-related operations, asking shops how frequently they’re paid for each of the operations by each of the eight largest auto insurers in the country.

New ‘Who Pays for What’ Survey Results Show Wide Range in Certified Aluminum Labor Rates

Nearly 800 shops participated in the latest quarterly “Who Pays for What?” survey this past October, and 130 of those shops that are certified by one or more of the automakers to repair aluminum vehicles reported their hourly rates for aluminum repair.

Distracted Driving Trends: Use of Internet, Social Media on Hand-Held Cellphones Spikes

State Farm surveyed consumers regarding their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to distracted driving, revealing surprising trends over time.

Survey Finds What Really Drives Customer Satisfaction During Insurance Claims Process

Survey finds that the most influential attribute of the claims experience was “my insurance company acted in my best interest.”

Consumers Rank Auto Insurers from Worst to Best

Coming in last at 18th, 19th and 20th are Travelers, 21st Century Insurance and Auto Club of Southern California.

P&C Insurers Hold Steady in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customers who bundled their auto and homeowners coverage together are more satisfied on average than those who purchase only auto insurance.

Third ‘Who Pays for What’ Survey Ends Oct. 31st

The surveys have so far shown there can be significant regional differences in billing and reimbursement practices.