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Third ‘Who Pays for What?’ Survey Now Open

The latest survey asks shops about billing practices related to aluminum repair, shop materials, and shop services and fees.

Survey Finds Entrepreneurs Rely on Tech-Savvy Vehicles

Almost three-quarters of respondents say they would be more productive if they could make hands-free calls through a Bluetooth-enabled system.

New Survey Shows Americans Steering Away from Autonomous Parking

According to a new survey from AAA, nearly 80 percent of American drivers are confident in their parallel parking abilities and only one-in-four would trust this technology to park their vehicle.

New Survey Results Reveal ‘Who Pays for What’ in Terms of Frame/Mechanical Procedures

This latest survey examines how often shops are charging – and being paid – for 20 different “not-included” repair procedures related to structural/frame and mechanical operations.

Survey Finds Millennials Leading Charge for Usage-Based Auto Insurance

According to the findings, more Millennials (88 percent) expressed interest in taking out a usage-based insurance policy than all other age groups (74 percent).

NABR Teams Up with Time Shaver Tools to Launch VRS Labor Rate Survey

Survey provides an independent, third-party source of state-wide labor rate data, based on shops’ actual prices, not on an artificially defined, single prevailing rate.

New Survey Finds Nearly 80 Percent of Consumers Think Vehicle Hacking Will Be a Frequent Problem in the Near Future

Awareness of the recent Jeep Cherokee hacking incident is very high, and nearly half of respondents said they will keep this event in mind when buying or leasing their next car.

Survey Finds CIC Attendees Value Networking and Meeting Info

Survey of CIC Atlanta event provides insight on attendee priorities, event strengths and areas for improvement.

Survey Shows Who Pays for What When it Comes to Not-Included Procedures

More than 980 shops around the country responded to the survey, which asked them to report how often they are paid for 26 refinish-related procedures by the eight largest auto insurers.

Survey Finds 7 in 10 Insurers Unprepared for Potential Disruption from Autonomous Vehicles

Eighty-four percent of insurance executives don’t expect autonomous vehicles to have a significant impact on their business until 2025, while 42 percent expect a significant impact in six to 10 years.

Survey Finds One in Three Americans Doubt Accuracy of Fuel Economy Rating

AAA engineers conducted a comprehensive analysis of 37,000 records submitted to the EPA, representing more than 8,400 vehicle make, model and year combinations, to identify trends in real-world fuel economy.

Survey Finds Households With More Vehicles Travel More

Households with just one vehicle drove an average of 10,600 miles per year, while households with six or more vehicles traveled a total of 57,700 miles.