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Automotive Tariffs Would Push Consumers to Buy Used Vehicles, Study Finds

According to a study conducted by Autolist.com, 41 percent of current car shoppers polled said that tariffs on new vehicles would cause them to buy a used vehicle.

Classic, Used Cars Falling Victim to US Trade War

The trade war between the United States and Europe may lead to severe repercussions for car enthusiasts worldwide. While the trade war is aimed at new car manufacturers, it’s one classic car and even used car buyers worldwide can fall victim to.

Analysis: State-by-State Impact of Tariffs

The U.S Chamber of Commerce has analyzed the individual state impact of new retaliatory tariffs from countries impacted by the Trump administration’s new tariffs.

SEMA Warns Current Tariffs Are a Tax on American Companies and Consumers

SEMA states that SEMA member companies are now grappling with higher-priced steel and aluminum because of global tariffs.

MEMA Responds to Announcement of 301 Tariffs on China

MEMA says it applauds the Trump administration’s continued focus to protect intellectual property. However, it says it also opposes using tariffs to curb intellectual property theft.

Analysis: Trump’s Proposed Auto Tariffs Would Reduce U.S. Auto Jobs

A new analysis by the Peterson Institute for International Economics concluded that if Trump raises U.S. duties to 25 percent on all automobiles and auto parts, there could be a loss of 195,000 U.S. auto industry jobs in a one- to three-year period.