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Preparing for 2022: Reviewing and Recharging

As the year ends, I have to remind myself to stop and take stock of the past 12 months and what lies ahead.

5 Auto Body Industry Trends for 2022

Five trends that will impact the collision repair industry next year.

Collision Repair Tricks and Treats that Keep on Giving

Overcoming the tricks that sometimes come with running a business requires anticipating what could happen and then planning for those scenarios.

Collision & Community Involvement: Kindness Pays Dividends

Giving back creates a positive experience for your entire team when you know you’re making a difference in someone’s life.

Finding Techs: Cultivation, Training and Guidance

Finding and keeping the right people requires a comprehensive approach that starts with technical schools, includes on-the-job training, leverages a team culture and outlines a path to success.

From the Sidelines to Center Field: OEM Certifications

If you’re considering OEM certifications for your collision repair facility, take a good look at your playing field, what your competitors are doing in your market and how OEM certifications can make you the winning team.

Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Running three collision repair facilities, I’ve learned over the years that working toward a healthy work/life balance is critical.

The Benefits of Going “Green” in Your Collision Repair Facility

Going green can improve your business and deliver real green to your bottom line.

A Strategic Battle Plan for Your Body Shop

Doing the heavy lifting in terms of planning ahead of time ensures you have the right battle strategy for the year ahead.

Gearing Up for the Big Game

Running a business and coaching a football team have more things in common than you think. 

Parts Procurement During COVID-19

During COVID-19, we’ve evaluated every aspect of our business, including parts procurement.

Re-engaged and Ready to Repair

As the country opens up and starts a new normal way of life, collision repairers need a plan to re-engage with their employees, insurance partners, customers and communities.