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Auto Insurers and Total Losses

Is it legal for an insurance company to abandon the salvage of a vehicle they deemed a total loss?

Vehicle Total Loss Settlement Practices: From Bad to Worse

One prime example of a bad situation that has gotten worse as far as containing claims costs is total loss settlement practices.

Survey: More Body Shops Being Paid for Total Loss Admin Fees

In 2021, a strong majority of shops (72%) said they are paid always, or most of the time, when they bill for this work.

Can Insurers Combine Two Open Claims and State the Vehicle is a Total Loss?

In the state of New York, if a vehicle has two open claims, can an insurer combine both claims and state that the vehicle is a total loss?

What to Do When an Insurance Company Sends the Vehicle Title Instead of Paying Your Body Shop

Insurance companies abandoning cars (and their responsibilities) has been going on ever since insurance companies were first formed. This practice is not only considered unethical, it may also violate most state laws and regulations governing insurance practices. But there is a simple and effective solution.

Collision Safety Consultants Opens Seventh Location

Belmont, N.C.-based Collision Safety Consultants specializes in vehicle diminished value, total-loss assessments and pre-purchase and post-collision repair inspections, according to its website.

Is It a ‘Total Loss’ for You?

Our customer’s insurer said they were not going to take possession of a vehicle they deemed to be a total loss, they would not be paying our fees, and would be sending us the title. We don’t want the car; we want to be paid for our services. What can we do?

Nevada Bill Would Increase Total-Loss Threshold for Damaged Vehicles to 80 Percent

For a damaged vehicle to be considered a total loss, the actual or estimated cost of parts and labor required to repair the vehicle would have to be 80 percent or more of the vehicle’s retail value.