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VIDEO: Purchasing a Spraybooth for Your Body Shop

In the video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses what to look for when shopping for a spraybooth, and how the upfront cost is only half the equation.

VIDEO: Are You Measuring Every Vehicle That Comes Into Your Shop?

The latest “Crash Course” video, presented by Car-O-Liner, features BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discussing how pre-measuring a vehicle before you begin work on it is just as important as performing a pre-repair diagnostic scan.

Service King Releases a Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘The Great American Recycled Rides Giveaway’

The giveaway took place in 15 different cities over a single weekend, setting the record for the single-largest Recycled Rides event ever conducted by a collision repair operator.

General Motors Uses Humor to Educate Consumers About Importance of Original Collision Parts

GM has also added new and updated content to its website, including collision repair position statements on several issues, including the use of aftermarket, salvaged or used parts.

Teenager Smashes Windshield of McLaren, Then Runs for His Life

The driver of the orange McLaren ran a stop sign and honked at the teenager legally using the crosswalk, who then smashed the car’s windshield with his skateboard.

SCRS Education Committee Presents Video on Energy Flow Through Vehicle Structures

The video demonstrates how the vehicle structure acts in a collision, the transfer of energy, the steps of analyzing damage caused by such energy transfer and defining a repair plan.

Teammates Celebrate Service King’s 40th Anniversary

The celebratory video features technicians, service advisors and office staff from its North Oklahoma City repair center recreating the jingle to Happy Birthday with various tools and body shop equipment.

Video of Heroin Overdose Car Crash in Detroit Goes Viral

In the video, one of the passengers can be seen with a syringe still stuck in her leg after the car crash.

Web Presence Management: Video Is Where It’s At

If you truly plan on having an effective presence with your website and social media, then video cannot be ignored.

New Chief Videos Teach Proper 2015 Ford F-150 Anchoring

The videos are part of Chief’s structural holding how-to series, and cover the components included in its F-150 aluminum cab holding system.

Tennessee Body Shop Sees Influx of Bear vs. Car Cases

Randy’s Customs body shop says it has seen three times as many bear vs. car cases this year than it normally sees, one amounting to $11,000 in damages.

New Chief Videos Show How to Properly Hold a Vehicle for Sectioning or Pulling

The new series, which will be hosted by Richard Perry, OEM and strategic account sales manager, will focus on Chief’s Structural Holding Package and the many ways to secure a collision-damaged vehicle to a frame rack for repair.