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The Labor Rate: Where We Stand in 2020

With labor rates still suppressed in 2020, it’s time for shops to understand their economics and get paid for all the procedures they do.

AASP/NJ Members Learn About Survey to Help Win Labor Rate Battle

AASP/NJ hosted two successful training events where collision repairers learned how National AutoBody Research’s Variable Rate System could help them win the battle over labor rates.

National AutoBody Research to Present Variable Rate Survey at AASP-PA Meeting

In preparation for the upcoming launch of the Variable Rate System (VRS) labor rate survey in Pennsylvania, sponsored by AASP-PA, NABR will present its labor rate survey and VRS technology.

National AutoBody Research Launches New Labor Rate Survey for Luxury Brands and Special Vehicles

Through the survey, NABR measures and reports the market-based labor prices collision repairers charge for working on vehicles such as Audi, Bentley, Mercedes or Tesla, as well as special vehicles such as the Ford F-150 or Nissan GT-R.

NABR Launches VRS Labor Rate Survey in Arkansas

The Arkansas VRS Labor Rate Survey provides the state’s collision repairers with an independent, third-party survey of statewide labor rate data.

NABR Launches Procedures Document Search Functionality

Online, searchable library of documents shows insurers paying for not-included procedures and operations, and what labor rate was paid.

NABR to Present Two Variable Rate System Workshops in Texas

“It’s Now or Never! Calculate and Collect Market-Based Labor Rates Using the Variable Rate System” will be held July 15th in Austin and July 16th in San Antonio.

National AutoBody Research Releases Preliminary Results from VRS Procedures & Practices Survey

Introduced in early April 2015, the research sought to measure how often shops got paid for several non-included procedures and how well insurers paid for those.

National AutoBody Research Launches Nationwide Procedures Survey

Goal of survey is to provide body shops across the country with the data and documentation necessary to charge and collect for common non-included procedures they often perform but are often not paid for.