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Scanning and Recalibration: Thinking Beyond the Sheet Metal

Mechanical repairs such as alignments and replacement of suspension parts all may have considerations as to post-repair scans or recalibrations.

TruckCam Camera Wheel Alignment System

The TruckCam Camera Wheel Alignment system is designed to measure all wheel angles on commercial, heavy-duty vehicles.

John Bean Unveils New V2280 Imaging Wheel Alignment System

The John Bean V2280 features high-resolution cameras for accurate alignment readings and industry-leading fault diagnosis.

Hunter Engineering Becomes Newest Corporate Member of Society of Collision Repair Specialists

With more than 350 patented inventions, Hunter has served the automotive industry since 1946, building a reputation for innovation and leadership in new automotive technologies, SCRS noted.

New Chief Meridian Align System Brings Wheel Alignment In-house

The new Chief Meridian Align system allows collision repair shops to take more control over their cycle times and profitability, easily bringing wheel alignment services in-house with no bay reconfiguration needed.

Hunter Educational Video Explains Why Cars Need Wheel Alignment

The video explains the purpose and function of wheel alignment procedures and the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

Technical: Steering Angle FAQs

Did you know that many vehicles require that the steering angle sensor be reset or recalibrated after an alignment is performed or parts in the steering system are replaced?

New Chief Wheel Alignment Equipment Can Help Improve Cycle Times, Profitability

Chief’s new line of wheel-alignment systems can be used on almost any lift or Chief frame rack already in the shop – there’s no need to dedicate a bay, and there are no massive towers to install.

Hunter WinAlign Specs Now Available

Hunter’s 2011 spec release for WinAlign alignment systems is now available. The release includes 465 new light-vehicle specs, updated specs for 400 older vehicles and updates for Hunter’s CodeLink reset device. Code-Link is now able to reset steering system sensors on over 60 additional models. The release also updates Hunter’s integrated TPMSpecs database and Tools