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Over 70% of Shops Being Paid for OEM Post-Crash Safety Inspections

The latest “Who Pays for What?” survey indicates that 38% of shops are paid for OEM post-crash safety inspections “always” or “most of the time”, and about an equal percentage are paid at least “some of the time.”

Survey: More Shops Being Paid for Protecting Vehicle Interior

The “Who Pays for What?” surveys over seven years continue to find an increasing percentage of shops are billing for — and being paid — for this procedure by the eight largest auto insurers.

Survey Shows 73% of Body Shops Use ALLDATA for OEM Info

A recent survey from Collision Advice showed that ALLDATA continues to be the most popular choice among body shops for researching OEM repair information and procedures.

Survey: More Shops Getting Paid for Masking During Priming

Approximately 45% of shops today say they’re paid always or most of the time for masking during priming.

Survey: More Body Shops Being Paid for Total Loss Admin Fees

In 2021, a strong majority of shops (72%) said they are paid always, or most of the time, when they bill for this work.

Survey: Who Gets Paid for Drain, Refill Fuel Tanks?

Almost three in 10 shops (29%) overall acknowledge they have never sought to be paid for drain and refill fuel tank.

Survey: Who Is Not Following OEM Safety Inspection Procedures?

A new “Who Pays for What?” survey has revealed that half of collision repair facilities may not be following OEM safety inspection procedures.

New Survey Reveals Who Gets Paid for Mask Engine Compartment

More than half of shops are paid regularly to mask the engine compartment when needed,
according to the latest “Who Pays for What?” survey.

Survey Reveals Who’s Getting Paid for Diagnostic Labor Time

More than one-third of shops itemize on invoices the diagnostic labor time they spend researching DTCs apart from the charge for the vehicle scan itself.

Survey Says More Shops Getting Paid for Seatbelt Inspection

About two in five shops now say they are paid “always” or “most of the time” by the eight largest insurers when they perform and bill for seatbelt inspection.

Survey Says More Shops Being Paid for Mask for Priming

Five years after the first survey, almost twice as many shops report regularly being paid for the labor to mask vehicles during the priming process.

Survey Shows Materials Invoicing Systems Usage Increasing

More than 1 in 4 shops are now using a materials invoicing system – a 50-percent increase from just four years ago.