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Take the Guessing out of the Paint Conversion Game

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Shop owners and managers have had their work cut out for them over the past year. Keeping shops up and running was no small feat. Many businesses have had to keep a close eye on their bottom line, analyzing every dollar coming in and every dollar going out. When making the important decisions, pricing is important, but it’s not the only thing you need to consider.

To Convert or Not?
When thinking about whether you should convert to a new paint line, choosing the right distributor is imperative. The right partner will get you all the information you need, assist your team with a smooth transition, and keep shop disruptions to a minimum. You need a partner that will help with more than just installation, you need a partner who is there for you – from start to finish.

“When choosing a new paint line, there are three things you definitely need to consider. First, is the product I am switching to going to help me become more efficient and profitable? Second, does this distributor and paint supplier offer me the support and value-added services I need to make my business better? And lastly, will your business be disrupted during the change over?”

Mike Gianfala, Director of Product Management at FinishMaster

Do you have the right products?
Once you decide to make a liquid overhaul, your distributor should get to work. Do you have the right products? What training will your team need with the transition? Will you be provided with the right technical support to succeed? Install day comes quickly, and shops should be prepared every step of the way.

Based on your business mix, are you getting the right products? Not only should you consider price but don’t forget to factor in the quality of the brand, the accessibility in your area and continued technical support offered. Look at your inventory and make sure it makes sense. Your distributor can help advise you on what allied products provide optimal performance when paired with your preferred line of liquids.

How do you make the switch?
Thinking about installation day may feel a bit scary. But the right partner will prepare your team and help you through each step of the process. Before you go live, training on application techniques and OEM certifications is vital for your shop. Having a technical representative on standby is critical to prevent any production shutdowns.

Your partner should help you navigate installation day with ease. A state-of-the-art dispatch system can serve as a guided checklist of preparations to be made. You want your distributor to think of all the details that matter, big and small, so that you can focus on your business. Does your mixing room need restored with the right equipment and organization system? The right partner will take care of that for you.

Photo by Doug McSchooler/Copyright FinishMaster

Now What?
You successfully converted to a new paint line, is this where the partnership ends? Of course not. The best distributor remains a resource for your business, a consultant on other tough decisions, and a trusted friend who remains invested in your success.

FinishMaster cares about what your business needs and we are here to help you. Choosing FinishMaster as your partner for paint line conversions does not stop once the paint starts spraying. If you are wondering what inventory management system is best for you, we can help. If you need reports to help you monitor spend and operational efficiencies, we can help. We are here for all the decisions that matter – from start to finish.

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