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Tape Promotion

While supplies last, the LORD Fusor double-sided OEM tapes promotional kit will be offered for $55.27, a 35 percent discount off the original price. Each kit contains one roll of the following:  LORD Fusor 160 (3-inch) clear, double-sided emblem/transfer tape used to replace foam emblems without removing the original foam; LORD Fusor 181 (1/2-inch) clear, double-sided tape that eliminates the “Oreo effect”; and LORD Fusor 190 (1/2-inch) clear, double-sided, extra thick molding cladding tape used to reapply claddings. All LORD Fusor double-sided OEM tapes meet OEM specifications and are 33 to 300 percent stronger than conventional double-sided tapes. Designed to re-bond automotive body emblems, moldings, interior and exterior trim parts and fabrics, the clear tapes are UV- and solvent-resistant, as well as resistant to extreme temperatures. Visit www.lord.com/fusor or call (877) 275-5673.

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