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Tesla Approves Cebora Double-Pulse MIG Welders

Tesla has approved the Cebora model 301, 302 and 386 pulse MIG welders for repair of its aluminum vehicles.


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Cebotech recently announced that Tesla has approved three of Cebora’s pulse MIG welders for repair of its aluminum vehicles. The three approved pulse MIG welders are models 301, 302 and 386, respectively.

Cebora’s models 301 and 302 are both 220-volt single-phase welders, and model 302 is a dual-gun welder set up for a push-pull gun for aluminum as well as a standard MIG gun connected at the same time.

The three-phase Cebora Model 386 has a 5-inch LCD control touch screen. The 386 is the only welder on the market equipped with T-Link connection between the welder and the auto-darkening welding helmet, according to Holly Hill, Fla.-based Cebotech. The T-Link connection between welder and helmet is a safety feature that guarantees 100 percent protection of the user’s eyes.

All three welders are supplied with the largest library of welding programs. Additional OEM-specific welding wire programs are available on request.

For more information, contact Cebotech at [email protected].

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