TEXA USA Releases TXT Multihub VCI


TEXA USA's new TXT MULTIHUB is an advanced diagnostics vehicle communication interface that easily adapts to any vehicle connection in the shop or in the field with greater speed and reliability.

TEXA USA announces the launch of TXT MULTIHUB, an advanced diagnostics vehicle communication interface that easily adapts to any vehicle connection in the shop or in the field with greater speed and reliability to confirm needed service faster.

TXT MULTIHUB is the only diagnostic tool capable of scanning passenger cars, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, boats, agricultural and construction vehicles by operating with all of the TEXA IDC5 licenses to provide a versatile multi-brand modular diagnostic environment.

The TXT MULTIHUB provides smarter connectivity by featuring a built-in backlit display to visually confirm connection status, functioning modes and more importantly the vehicle system battery voltage, so techs can confidently complete important procedures like module programming. The TXT MULTIHUB confirms constant control by displaying more than 40 messages during diagnostic operations, like connection status as Standard, DoIP Wi-Fi, DoIP Ethernet and Pass-Thru.

Equipped with a Linux Operating System, the TXT MULTIHUB automatically switches the channels based on the vehicle connection and type of diagnosis, removing the chance for technician mistakes. This stand-alone system provides greater usability and software security, plus the opportunity to update the software and seamlessly adapt to new future features.

The TXT MULTIHUB provides certified durability features to ensure rigid use will not hold back technicians from completing repairs. Equipped with a reinforced body and anti-shock rubber corners, the MIL810G transit drop testing and IP53 category 2 weather and elements protection testing confirm the TXT MULTIHUB will operate well in rugged environments.

Ensuring advanced connectivity for all vehicle systems, the TXT MULTIHUB provides greater flexibility for vehicle coverage, advanced speed and software reliability. The TEXA IDC5 software communicates with the the TXT MULTIHUB unit through a Wi-Fi module for the diagnostic operations that use RP1210 (HD pass-thru protocol), standard CAN, CanFD and DoIP protocols; a network cable (Ethernet) reserved for DoIP operations (ISO 13400); a Bluetooth module for conventional diagnoses; or a USB socket for all types of diagnosis, including the pass-thru (SAE J2534-1 and SAE J2534-2).

Connecting to the unit in station configuration mode by using a Wi-Fi network or smartphone network guarantees greater coverage and a quicker exchange of data between the TEXA IDC5 software. When using the hotspot configuration, a “point-to-point” wireless connection can be created between the TXT MULTIHUB and the TEXA IDC5 software — a very useful option when a fast Wi-Fi connection speed is not available.

TXT MULTIHUB can easily perform diagnostics on vehicles equipped with DoIP Technology (Diagnostic over Internet Protocol), even in Wi-Fi. Developed to manage the massive presence of electronics in vehicles and the considerable amount of processed diagnostic data, this standard requires using a connection based on the IP protocol. Pass-Thru, direct access to the manufacturers’ data TXT MULTIHUB, is ready to operate in any configuration, even switching from a standard diagnosis to pass-thru automatically. It is compliant with the SAE J2534-1 and SAE J2534-2 regulations, therefore it can connect to a vehicle and provide direct access to the diagnostic and maintenance data made available by vehicle manufacturers.

Previously released at the November 2022 AAPEX trade show, product inventory is now available. Contact the TEXA USA team for questions or to confirm local dealers where you can purchase the new TXT MULTIHUB: Dario Peruch at (732) 668-7393 or [email protected] or Daniel Bemiss at (848) 565-8572 or [email protected].

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