The Debate Continues on Facebook: Who Owes Whom in Auto Claims?

The Debate Continues on Facebook: Who Owes Whom in Auto Claims?

Barrett Smith's most recent article got a lot of engagement on BodyShop Business's Facebook page.

First off, I want to thank all of you for all the follows and likes on BodyShop Business’s Facebook page. It is by far our most robust, popular and engaged social media platform, and we thank you for your support.

I want to discuss a recent post that was very popular with you: Barrett Smith’s article, “Auto Insurance Claims: Who Owns Whom?” It didn’t set any records for views and engagement — we’ve had much bigger numbers before — but it did do really well: 2,487 people saw it, and there were 295 engagements, which represents the number of times people reacted, commented on, shared and/or clicked the post. Most impressive were the 21 shares it got; for someone to share a post, one must really think it has value. It’s hit or miss with the posts; sometimes I think I’ll get a big reaction and I don’t, and other times I think I won’t and I do. Figuring out the human psyche is a difficult thing sometimes.

In the article, Smith, who owns Auto Damage Experts, a company that serves both consumers and professionals with auto appraisal and vehicle valuation services, talked about how insurers don’t technically owe the repairer anything — they actually owe the vehicle owner, and the vehicle owner owes the repairer for the services received. The comments were interesting:

  • “Have no clue why 90% of shops don’t get this. Blows my mind.”
  • “Say it for the people in the back who still think the insurance company matters in the collision repair.”
  • “Exactly!”

If you missed the article, check it out here.

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Insurers don’t owe the repairer anything; insurers owe the vehicle owner, and the vehicle owner owes the repairer for the services rendered and received.

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